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Budget decorating with thrifted items…

Hey guys,

I made a 2 part series video on my budget decorating with thrifted items and how I use them in my home and the items you should never look over…even if you’re SCARED! ; ) Hope you guys enjoy!

Thanks for watching…


Thrift Haul

Hey guys! I thought I would share something a little different. I finally got around to making that “video” lol. I decided to start a Youtube channel and I thought why not start it with a what I love most and that’s thrifting so I did a collective thrift haul. It’s a little rough and the lighting is not exactly the best but I’m still learning so bare with me. I hope you guys watch, like, and subscribe, I can’t wait to make more.

Peace and love always,


A Colorful repurposed bench for the garden

Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s already the middle of July! Summer is going by so quick and I really don’t want it to end. I wanted to share with you my recent project. I had purchased this bench at a flea market a few months ago for my garden. I wanted to create something colorful and quirky with a bohemian vibe for my front yard among all of our greenery. I had no direction, The first time I painted it, it was a bright yellow and I wasn’t feeling it. So I went back outside with my stains, acrylics, and paint brushes. Put on some Van Morrison and let my mind wander and this is what I ended up with. I love it, it’s not for everyone but if I wanted a manufactured copy of a bench that everyone has I wouldn’t have painted it. I like my things like I like my people…. with quirks, imperfections, and a personality of it’s own which is definitely how this piece turned out, and of course I couldn’t leave it in my garden without a quote… “Be still, and the earth will speak to you”. You can see the process of how to get this look on the blog.


I had no idea where I was going with this project. It kind of just had a mind of it’s own. I new that I wanted it to be colorful and add a little character to the greenery of our front yard. I had painted it a bright yellow before doing the green but it was just to much and taking away from the pretty leaves so I toned it down. Here’s what I did to achieve this look.

Here is the first look I had, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Although it did look very pretty it was just to bright and I like bright so this surprised me. LOL.


1. Spray painted the entire bench in a bright white.
2 Painted the wood parts a bright yellow with acrylic
3. Used acrylics on the leaves for a quirky/bohemian vibe.
4. After deciding I didn’t care for the yellow, I mixed the colors of the leaves and brushed over the yellow with the reds, pinks, and blue/greens.
5. I then sanded it down a bit and used some green stain I had laying around and went over the wood parts with it several times to give it a weathered but colorful look to the green.
6. After that I then went over the wood and metal leaves with a dark brown stain just to give it a little aged look.

I love how it looks. It blends it with the rest of the décor in front and yet gives the pop of color I wanted around the greenery in our yard.



I wanted a bohemian and quirky feel to the bench. I just love how it turned out.DSC_0143a




Peace and Love,