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Budget decorating with thrifted items…

Hey guys,

I made a 2 part series video on my budget decorating with thrifted items and how I use them in my home and the items you should never look over…even if you’re SCARED! ; ) Hope you guys enjoy!

Thanks for watching…


Budget Decorating

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you my clever easy way to update your décor on a budget and to take a sneak peak at my redecorated living room for the sunny weather ahead of us.  I’m a thrifter, I have been since I was a child and my mom would drag us all around to flea markets, antique stores, auctions, and thrift stores.  I had recently found these paintings at the Goodwill. I love original paintings and I love paintings of scenery. I found these and thought they were absolutely gorgeous! Why would anyone give them away? Two of them I had put in my bedroom but soon realized I like my with little on the walls because it’s so small, so I put them away and then a few weeks later found another GORGEOUS one of a stream and a beautiful yellow tree all done in oil paints. I wasn’t about to let it go so I bough it and decided to paint the frames with white chalk paint. It transformed them!!! I then decided I would change my art work in my living room that was pretty modern and switch it up for a more bohemian/eclectic vibe.  With a little rearranging of pictures, some paint, and bringing up some pillows I had in storage I was able to create a look to go with my new upcycled paintings.


Before…These are both oil paintings done from a local artist in the 1970’s. Found them at the Goodwill.
I found both of these at the Goodwill. The one on the left is watercolor and the one on right is oil. I had to buy them. I love yellows, green, mints, blues, and whites and anything with a tree painted on it. : ) Updated the one on right with white milk paint.


After…I painted them with white milk paint I had left over from Walmart. What a difference!


I have frames of all kinds laying around. I had some modern paintings in these two and switched them out with some vintage floral prints I had cut out of a book that I found at a flea market. I left the pages all frayed and just taped them over the white background.



This added some “brightness” to my living room! I’m constantly changing it with repurposed and thrifted items.
I love the way this turned out. It’s not perfectly proportionate, it’s not to matchy, matchy, it’s beautiful to look at and it’s unique.
I love bringing the outdoors in! If I could live in a tree house over a stream of water I would! In my dream home I plan to have a indoor greenhouse for all my plants and flowers.
I grabbed some pillows I’ve collected throughout the years and some and added them to my sofa for a bohemian/eclectic look. No…They don’t match but that’s the entire concept of “eclectic”. : )

This little budget friendly update cost me less than 2o bucks. I just used what I had laying around and stored away and repurposed some Thrifted art for a fresh new look. I hope you liked this idea and it gives you some inspiration on creating your own unique look on a dime.

Peace and Love Always,