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Bohemian abode


Good Morning! Wow, it’s been awhile since I last posted and so much has changed. If you are an avid follower you will probably notice a big difference in my décor and my living space. Like I said I have made some big changes in my life  one of those being that I have downsized while we get our current home cleaned out , painted, and carpet in to sell. Yes, we are selling our first home. We have spent 5 years there and it never really felt like “our home” it wasn’t at all what we hoped for, it turned out to be more work than fun and our priorities in the last year or so have really changed as well as our lives. I don’t want to go into much more detail than that but currently I found a small humble abode to stay  as we transition into our next phase of life wherever that may take us.

My décor is much different here, it reflects everything I am in eclectic and bohemian ways and I love it. I thought I’d share with you a sneak peak at a small part of the living room while I get the rest put together.
I love thrifting and I will literally stop in many times through out the week because there is always something to be found. I may have a slight problem (lol). I did find this AMAZING art piece while I had stopped in one rainy evening for a shelf for my bathroom and as I was walking out I saw this leaning against the wall. It’s huge, it’s beautiful, it’s original, and somebody left it for me to find! I love flowers and plants and I myself love painting them but when I found this piece for $30 at the GW and well worth it I had to have it! There’s not a scratch or a ding on it. It’s done in acrylics and the canvas alone from a craft store in this size is over 3o bucks or more, I think I scored something fab and to boot nobody else has it hanging in their home.




DSC_0684aThe throw I found at an Antique Store for 6 dollars. It’s vintage.


The room is not done but I thought I’d give you the progress and how it’s looking so far. I can’t wait to share the rest as I get it put together along with all of my repurposed furniture and a tree stump I’m creating something out of!

Peace and Love Always,





Budget Decorating

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you my clever easy way to update your décor on a budget and to take a sneak peak at my redecorated living room for the sunny weather ahead of us.  I’m a thrifter, I have been since I was a child and my mom would drag us all around to flea markets, antique stores, auctions, and thrift stores.  I had recently found these paintings at the Goodwill. I love original paintings and I love paintings of scenery. I found these and thought they were absolutely gorgeous! Why would anyone give them away? Two of them I had put in my bedroom but soon realized I like my with little on the walls because it’s so small, so I put them away and then a few weeks later found another GORGEOUS one of a stream and a beautiful yellow tree all done in oil paints. I wasn’t about to let it go so I bough it and decided to paint the frames with white chalk paint. It transformed them!!! I then decided I would change my art work in my living room that was pretty modern and switch it up for a more bohemian/eclectic vibe.  With a little rearranging of pictures, some paint, and bringing up some pillows I had in storage I was able to create a look to go with my new upcycled paintings.


Before…These are both oil paintings done from a local artist in the 1970’s. Found them at the Goodwill.
I found both of these at the Goodwill. The one on the left is watercolor and the one on right is oil. I had to buy them. I love yellows, green, mints, blues, and whites and anything with a tree painted on it. : ) Updated the one on right with white milk paint.


After…I painted them with white milk paint I had left over from Walmart. What a difference!


I have frames of all kinds laying around. I had some modern paintings in these two and switched them out with some vintage floral prints I had cut out of a book that I found at a flea market. I left the pages all frayed and just taped them over the white background.



This added some “brightness” to my living room! I’m constantly changing it with repurposed and thrifted items.
I love the way this turned out. It’s not perfectly proportionate, it’s not to matchy, matchy, it’s beautiful to look at and it’s unique.
I love bringing the outdoors in! If I could live in a tree house over a stream of water I would! In my dream home I plan to have a indoor greenhouse for all my plants and flowers.
I grabbed some pillows I’ve collected throughout the years and some and added them to my sofa for a bohemian/eclectic look. No…They don’t match but that’s the entire concept of “eclectic”. : )

This little budget friendly update cost me less than 2o bucks. I just used what I had laying around and stored away and repurposed some Thrifted art for a fresh new look. I hope you liked this idea and it gives you some inspiration on creating your own unique look on a dime.

Peace and Love Always,


Small Eclectic Bedroom

I know it’s been a few months since the last time I posted on my blog. To be honest the inspiration lately has just not been there. Which is usually the case after the holidays. I don’t get much inspiration until the weather gets warm and summer starts to creep in. I don’t know what it is but I’ve never been a fan of spring. Probably because where I live spring ceases to exist. However, I have a 4 day weekend and the weather has actually been beautiful which got me wanting to be  a little creative. I recently updated my master bedroom and if you have followed me the last few years you should know that my master bedroom is tiny! Like literally very small and it’s actually not the master bedroom but a spare bedroom that we decided to use instead for our master because we figured we could utilize the larger bedroom more. We don’t hang out in our bedroom anyway. We basically just sleep in it so we didn’t need anything massive, though now that I’ve been flipping through decorating magazines and stalking some of my favorite blogs and their beautiful masters I’m having second thoughts. ; ) Anyway like everything in my house this room has gone through many stages. like this for example…


This look was when we first moved in. Then I changed it to a more cottage feel….


I had it like this for a long while and then I decided I wanted a cleaner look. I painted the bed with a white chalk paint from Walmart, yes Walmart and it worked wonderfully. I then changed my bedding and the pictures. I wanted an Eclectic feel. I still need to find a special boho throw and pillows but for now this is what I have going on in our tiny master.




Unlike other photos I’ve seen on blogs and in magazines I’d rather show the real life ugliness of my television : ) no not really but it is the only place we have a television right now except for the family room which is being remodeled. The dresser I thrifted and painted white with a green stain on the drawers.


I wanted a less cluttered and cleaner feel to the room because of it’s small size.



The Aspen canvas I found at Kirklands on clearance for $20. I love adding touches of nature to my rooms. The 2 lamp shades were thrifted from the Goodwill for 2 bucks.



I love original paintings. I find them all the time at Thrift Stores and flea markets. When I find some that appeal to my eye I pick them up whether I have a place for them or not. LOL. I have a small stash of pictures I like to keep on hand when I want to change things up. These 2 I found at the Goodwill. I was going to paint the frames white but decided that I actually really liked the original frames. I found out after bringing them home that they are from a local painter and are paintings of Wyoming done in the early 50’s. They are beautiful and why anyone would give them away I do not know. I’m just glad I was the first to find them.

These small watercolor paintings I also found and a thrift store years ago.





I’m so excited on my vintage original paintings I found at the Goodwill. I feel like I’m sleeping in a little cottage. I hope you enjoyed my newest and most affordable update. Until next time….

Peace and Love,


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