A Budget Friendly and Chic Craft Room,office and Closet in One!

I finally got to my office/ craft room/ closet. Yes, this room serves all of those purposes. When we bought this house I had not realized until we moved in what lack of closet space there was and because it is a 5 bedroom I decided that I might as well use one of those rooms for this purpose, not to mention our master bedroom is very small. For the last 6 months this room has served as a storage space and where I threw all the junk that I had no place for or that I just didn’t want. Well, I finally had had enough. I decided I was going to purge this room if it was the last thing I did. By the time I was done I had 5 trash bags full of stuff to go to the Good Will. I also got to finally put to use some of the art work, and knick knacks I loved so much but had no place for. Everything in this room is me and I spent an entire week making sure it was. I used everything I already had, many of which were from years ago, thrift stores, clearance items I picked up here and there, and flea market finds, not to mention a few of my own little diy projects. I have little trinkets through out my room that my girl’s have made me. I added pieces that remind me of when my husband and I first met a long with trinkets of Buddha ( I have little Buddha hiding all around my home), Japanese art which I’ve always loved and have collected over the years from flea markets and thrift stores. The mermaids because they remind me of my home growing up in California, being young and in love with the beach. In fact mermaids were the first mural I ever painted. I have owls and birds everywhere because I just love them along with butterflies. I just compiled memories in forms of trinkets, pictures, and books and put them in a room that I’m always in. I love this room so much that I think it can now make paying bills a little more exciting. LOL! Here’s the before and afters, hope it inspires you to create a space that isn’t so much “designer style” but a room that you love to be in, because that’s really all that matters. : )

Sneak Peak:



I picked up these bookcases at Target for 20 bucks put them together in less than an hour and added all of my favorite trinkets and such for character. I love Asian art and influences. These are more Asian art prints I picked up years ago. There are Buddhas through out my home in hiding. The plaster deer head I got for 6 bucks at Target. The mermaids I have picked up here and there as well.



I thought it would be cool to display my art supplies on a shelf. 

                 Japanese art prints I picked up at a thrift store years ago. The mirror is from an auction it was originally gold and I had painted it a green for my dining room. I then decided it would look better in here and painted it black. It fits perfectly in between my shelves.

I had this metal folding screen laying around and had no idea what to do with it. I found these stick on 3d butterflies at Hobby Lobby and thought it would be such a neat idea to place them all over the screen like a swarm of butterflies had landed in my office. I love it!

 This large desk I picked up at the Goodwill about 4 years ago for 10 bucks…I wasn’t big on the color but because it’s the middle of winter and I have no place ventilated to sand and paint in I decided I would cover it in shelf paper and washi tape.

Here is what it looked like after….

The tray I bought way back when. I put the mosaic design in myself to add pops of color. I had originally made it for my perfume but now that I have a shelf for those in my bathroom, this was without a home and the colors just so happened to match the color scheme.

The jewelry displays I have used to showcase some of my favorite pieces of jewelry I have made. It’s a great way to add sparkle to a room. 😉

          More Asian prints I picked up long ago at a flea market.

I hope you enjoyed this room. I love to add pieces that have a personal meaning to me, whether it be something my children made or the story behind certain trinkets and pictures that I have collected through out the years. It feels good to have a space that I can come in to that is not only functional but unique and special. I believe rooms should be filled with things that make you happy and reflect the life you live. I’m not one for a showcased room, I’d rather have a home decorated with meaning and personality. No matter what room you are in my home there is a little piece of my family in each. 
Peace In Love,
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10 thoughts on “A Budget Friendly and Chic Craft Room,office and Closet in One!”

  1. I have been putting off redoing my art room. Due to medical issues and then having our SECOND grandson (LOVE being Grammy at 47–6 & 1 1/2), I have 'let my art room go'. I should say 'turn' it in to storage, but need my space back, now that I am feeling the urge to create. It is always better when you have a place to do it. The funny thing is, I originally decorated as if it were a 'little' girls room with a daybed/art table/antique & collectible baby & little girls' toys and books, etc.and my daughter goes and has two boys! 🙂 Well, although I have multiple chronic medical issues, doc has me on some new meds that seem to be working well and I am finally ready to attack and make the storage an art room once again! I absolutely LOVE your room and it is not only organized the way I wish, it is about the same size and it doesn't look impossible to get my room back. You did a beautiful job and you have awakened something in me that I was afraid had gone: 'creativity and ambition and, frankly, the love of painting' ! THANK YOU. I will try to get a before and after, but just wanted you to know that it was your room that truly inspired me! Angela

  2. I have been going crazy since I had to 'let go' of my art room for a while, due to a stroke, then a second grandchild…now, it's just trying to figure out what to do with everything (decorations and A LOT of supplies). YOUR PAGE is the one I keep going back to. I will try to get pics (pre and after) and let you see how it turned out. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful work space!!!! Angela

    1. Thank you Marcy. It’s changed since this post but at the time it worked perfectly for me and my life.

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