Upcycled Love Notes…A beautiful life

I wanted to share a special little craft project I created while stuck indoors on this snowy day. Let me first explain the reasoning behind it. I met my husband 9 years ago today through his mother of all people. Her and I had worked together at a motel when I was a struggling single parent trying to make ends meet. We became good friends and she later introduced me to her son. We had the time of our lives and fell head over heels in love with one another. We spent the first 4 years dating and I went from a crappy motel job, to an office job, to a great job at the middle school working as a special ed aide and at every single one of those jobs he would send me roses and I mean the biggest and the best with a huge pink bow almost every single month and to this day he still sends me flowers or brings home a beautiful plant and the best part was always the little card. We got married in 2008 in Vegas because we are both low key people and wanted to elope rather than fuss about wedding planning and boy did we have a blast! However, we had no engagement or even wedding photos taken, we have no evidence of our wedding except our marriage license and memories. LOL! Well, when I was cleaning out and organizing my office and unpacking boxes I found my “keepsake” trunk and inside I found all the birthday cards, love notes, pink bows, and bouquet cards. I decided instead of stuffing them in my trunk and  probably forgetting about them, I would pick out a few of my favorites and display them in our bedroom like others do with their wedding photos and such. I thought what a neat way to display our love for one another we have shared over the years and  so that’s what I did. I picked up some affordable frames at Hobby Lobby, craft supplies from Michaels and made a sort of scrapbook page framed and hung as art in our Master bedroom along with some rustic wood art I made and love quotes to create a gallery wall. I love it and it’s something special that we both can enjoy. I love putting visual memories up all around my home. There is no better way than waking up in the morning to a beautiful romance of a  past and it leaving you with a smile on your face.

Sneak Peak…

Found these frames at Hobby Lobby on sale for $12…

I already had burlap so I glued it to a piece of white poster board, then taped 2 layers of pretty scrapbook paper on top, taped the cards I wanted to showcase and added some 3D rose stickers, hearts, and leaves to give it a romantic feel. I think it came out beautifully and a great way to add personal touches to a master bedroom with those memories we would otherwise keep in a box or album.

The wood letters I made last summer. I bought the K, F, heart, and 2 wood blocks at Michaels painted them and glued the letters to the blocks for a rustic romantic piece of artwork for our bedroom.

For now this gallery works until we get around to remodeling our master bedroom and then it will change but the love notes will most definitely stay and be a sweet reminder of our romantic past and beautiful future….
Hope this has inspired you to take out some of your old “keepsakes” and if “appropriate” lol. will give you a creative way to showcase them for an everlasting memory.

                                                                    Peace In love…

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  1. What an adorable and amazing love story! And I love the idea you came up with! You and Kristy inspire me to want to have a decorative knack, something i do not have!

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