A child’s bookcase turned into display cabinet for vintage glass.

I was cleaning the basement yesterday because we have a leak!!! Yes, our first home and we have melted snow leaking in to our foundation. Go figure right? However, I figure that it’s a sign from the carpet Gods that I can finally rip up the gosh awful blue carpet downstairs and put some nice flooring in. Anyway, as I was cleaning and throwing things away I looked at my girls 2 bookcases that my mom bought my oldest daughter years ago that came with a bedroom set and saw that one was full of books and the other was full of their junk ,and I mean like pieces of paper that were half used, game pieces, and whatever they didn’t want to put away they threw in this bookcase. Now, that same day I was cleaning and organizing my little collection of jadeite, cherry and cable glass, and swan dishes and was saying to myself how much I needed a curio cabinet to showcase them, but wait….we need sofas, new carpet, an entire new kitchen, and lets face it….there are about 20 other things I could use that money for right now and then…DING, DING…I’ll just put this bookcase upstairs and use it to place my pretties in until I can check some other things off my list and buy that curio cabinet I’ve dedicated an entire Pinterest board to! This bookcase had marker all over it and I tried cleaning it but it wasn’t working so I just decided to shabby chic it just a tad, took the doors off so the cabinet was open,  put a little gray stain on the exposed wood pieces, added some pretty knobs and I had myself a cute little cabinet to display my collections in. Is it exactly what I wanted? No! However it works for now and actually fits perfectly in our small dining room and it cost me nothing! Sometimes it can be really fun to shop your own home!!

Here is my small collection that’s still growing…

Cherry and Cable Carnival glass, jadeite, and my glass swan dishes I’m obsessed with. I found 2 more at our local flea market that I really want.

Before and After….

I just have to take a minute to brag about my beautiful plant! I’ve NEVER had a green thumb, in fact I have never been able to keep a plant alive but for some reason this one on top I have had for several years and she’s getting huge! I love the fact that this allows her a home to showcase her lovely leaves. ; )

                                                                   Peace In love…

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