Christmas Home Tour On A Budget

Merry Christmas! I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE Christmas and it’s not for the gifts but for the smells, colors, music and time spent with loved ones. I decorate every year but this year I decided to go all out. I’ve done every color you can imagine for my Christmas decorations and tree. I’ve had the white tree with brightly colored ornaments and candy inspired décor. I have had the simple silver and white, and the tree with all the random ornaments and I’ve loved every single one of them. However I’ve always loved the old fashioned Christmas colors. Those reds, greens, whites and splashes of silvers and golds. I was kind of a scrooge on my Halloween and Thanksgiving décor which I love as well but I wasn’t feeling it this year so I compensated by doing a little budget friendly Christmas décor shopping to make my home feel warm and cozy and smell like Christmas. I’m loving everything about it.  I mixed some new with old repurposed and diy’d a few projects and the outcome feels like your in a cottage on a cold winters night in December. It feels like a home but not a “staged” home, you know what I’m talking about.






I wrapped my large picture, put a bow on it and wrote a to and from like you would a gift for a little décor. The writing is not the best but my penmanship is not the best. It’s still cute though. ; )



I waited for awhile until a lot of the Christmas stuff went on sale. Everything I bought I bought 50-60% off.


A Santa I sketched back when I was a kid. My mom had it framed and always had it hanging in our house during Christmas. She gave it to me for my home. The other two pictures are scrapbooking paper that I just framed.


My mom picked up a bunch of vintage sleds at an auction and gave one to my sister and I. We spent a weekend decorating each of or sleds. It was meant for outside décor but with all the stray cats running around I’m afraid it would get smelly and ruined so I keep it in.




Well there is my Christmas home this year. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I do this year. I love waking up in the morning lighting my Christmas candles and sitting in this cozy space with a good book and some warm coffee in the wee mornings.

Peace and Love Always,