Turning A Spare Bedroom into a Dressing Room


The day has come! I have finally gotten time to edit photos of my new “dressing room”. I know I have been talking about it since the middle of summer. However, with school starting back up, work, and being busy with family stuff on the weekends I have not been able to do any editing. Not to mention I felt like it wasn’t “perfect” or the lighting wasn’t “right” but I decided I just needed to get over it and post the transformation.

If you remember this room has gone through many different stages. It was the junk room, then I turned it into my office/closet/craft room then into a office/closet and most recently I just turned the entire dang room into my own little dressing room except for the actual closet which has my hidden treasures tucked away and a small desk.

Here’s the room when I had turned it into the closet/craft/office room and as much as I loved it I soon realized after starting up work again that my crafts took a back seat and the little closet shoved full of all my clothes and my dresser was not working, in fact it was getting super frustrating to find anything to wear in the mornings so I decided to put all my crafts out in my soon to be “she shed” and turn this unused room into a dressing room.


The dressing room was not as exciting the first time I planned it. We just put up one wall of shelving and hanging racks and I through the clothes from my closet up but by summer I was on summer vacation because I work at a school and I was itching for a project. As I started cleaning out basement closets and realizing I still had all of my colder weather clothes in tubs and switching them out sounded really annoying not to mention when you leave in a place like Wyoming the weather could literally change from 80 degrees one day to a full fledged blizzard the next so tucking away all my clothes for each season wasn’t really doing me any good. So that, mixed with my boredom, mixed with my love for clothes I decided I was going to add more storage to this room and make It pretty, the beige was not doing it for me.



As you can see it wasn’t bad but I needed some color and I needed my dresser out of my closet because at this point it was stuffed full from top to bottom with junk.

After some brainstorming I decided on a much needed change, using things I already had and buying a few décor items at discount stores to spruce up my bland dressing room.



I was tired of my clothes falling off of my hangers so I have been collecting the velvet and metal hangers to put my clothes on. They are fantastic and you can buy them in a bundle of 25 for $12 at TJ Maxx and they have all kinds of colors. I took apart my cheap bookcases that were falling apart anyway and used the two top halves to put as shoe shelving underneath my clothes that are hanging. I added some of those folding boxes in teal to put my bulks of tennis shoes, flats, and flip flops in which works well for me and it hides them nicely.



The stool I have had for a few years now that I purchased at Ross. It was hanging out in my shed and I decided it would work perfectly in my dressing room. I threw a vintage cloth over it I got about 10 years ago at an antique store. I needed a chair for my room and as much as I love the look of parsons chairs they just aren’t comfortable. As I was browsing Target I came across this on their clearance rack. It’s round and cozy and it matched my color scheme and it was only 15 dollars. I also found that bohemian like pillow the same day for 7 bucks.


I took the closet doors off and added some pretty boho inspired curtains I found at TJ Maxx. I put my small desk in there and a few random bookcases I had laying around to store my books on. I just added the puff balls for some quirky fun.

This is a glance of the inside of my closet. I found that chair at the GoodWill I did eventually paint the chair white and changed the metal thing to a photo. I decided to use my actual “closet” as a place to store some of my trinkets, books, magazines, and important paperwork.


The right side of my room was once 2 long bookcases that I had cleaned out and stored jeans in. However, because I have a love for leather jackets and jackets in general not to mention scarves I wanted somewhere I can hang them instead of in a tub in my basement storage. My door to my room since a few feet away from this wall as well as the door to my bathroom so I couldn’t go to long with the closet storage. However, this little space worked out just fine. I added a small shelf behind the scarves that stores my taller boots and a basket full of knitted scarves. The door still needs to be changed for a newer one but we have so many projects going in our house that the doors will happen eventually until then I just slapped on a cute little bohemian inspired doodle and painted the door knob. I couldn’t let this room go without a touch of paint. The little basket was moved around a few times in this room when taking the photos, so no…you aren’t seeing things.



This dresser my mom gave me and it’s a great dresser but it was a really dark cherry wood and very beat up, so I decided to paint it and give it a bohemian vibe. I white washed it with a white paint a few times and sanded it. I then painted the knobs with a teal paint and sanded them down for a rustic look. Droom5




Well I’m hoping to get a video up of this room tour real soon, so I can go into more explanation about what I did.

Until next time….
Peace and Love Always,


New beginnings


First thing first….It’s FALL! I love everything about fall. It’s such a beautiful time of the year, the air is crisp, the colors are beautiful, the smells are yummy and it’s just a good time. Besides summer it’s the best time of year and my husband agrees. For some odd reason, one which we do not know fall for us has always been exciting and fun. Life and things always seem to be good and adventures happen. Since my blog has been down and “under construction” for the last few months while I switched thing to WordPress which by the way I’m still trying to get the hang of so bare with me. As I sit here with my coffee and Van Morrison on repeat, I thought I’d do a little random post about life, love and new beginnings. It’s definetly random but I like a little spice in life if you know what I mean.

Lets start it off with what the heck has been going on? Well a lot! I finally made the plunge and chopped my hair off and I LOVE it, the best thing I ever did and the most liberating. I feel like a completely different person with a little more sass and sophistication. LOL.  I thought I’d share a photo of the new hair and my lovely husband. We like car selfies what can I say.


After the hair came a new job and I  start school back up in December. I have 2 years of credits but me being my finicky self I could never decide on what I wanted to do with my life so I took a break. I pictured many things…Art therapy? But how realistic and easy is it to get a job in art therapy in the setting I live in? Not very. However, someday when I’m old and retired I want to open a studio for anyone and everyone to feel free to come in and create, especially for those with special needs, illness, or just issues with life in general. Art and writing is a great form of therapy with out having to divulge to someone all your thoughts and fears and get analyzed.  Interior designer was always my love? Unless I started my own company and I really liked the cowboy theme I wasn’t going to get the job I wanted here in the prairie. Therapist? I love studying the weirdness of the world I even thought if I got my therapist degree I’d work as a addiction specialist or as a school counselor but my heart feels to much and some peoples stories are to much for me to deal with and I would be that person to take it home with me and stay up late stressing. I don’t like hearing about people being hurt in anyway as children, even though I hear a lot of it in the job I am doing now.

So I finally decided on teaching. I know people say those who can’t… teach. I don’t see that at all.  A huge part of me is a realist. I think about the money that goes into getting a degree, the debts I’ll have to pay off the rest of my life, and where I’m living and what is available to me and the fact that I have children and they are my most important part of my life.  I’m not going to spend thousands of dollars on a degree I can’t use, I live in one of the least populated states in the country (that part I love about it here) so my options are limited.  My biggest reasoning though….Is because of my kids. My girls will be starting up sports and after school activities and just being a teen is hard enough but I want to make sure I am there for them. Teaching allows that. We get the same hours, I can be there for my kids activities, I get the summers off so I can vacation with my family and spend time with them because let me just say one thing no matter your job description or how much money you make or give away your kids should always be priority.

There are many things I would love to do in life. I would love to take off and travel the world, I would love to give time and money to a charity for abused  woman and children which I’m very passionate about. I would love to visit old friends and do as I please, but I have kids, 2 beautiful lovely kids that I brought into this world who need me first. Therefore the things I want to do or wish to do are put behind for a someday and instead I get to watch and help my kids grow into well rounded, respectful, smart, happy, educated, beautiful women. For me… that trumps all of my some days.  So teaching is my best option for my way of life. Plus I really enjoy working with kids.  Teaching art is my goal though in the education system so wish me luck.


A Wyoming sunset in the fall my husband and I took on our date night.

The best part…I get to do all of this because I’m supported by an amazing man. He has worked hard for what we have and I was able to stay home with my kids before they started school and enjoy a life I was so graciously given. He’s always there for the kids when I can’t be. We are not only husband and wife but bestfriends and a team that does whatever we can for our family. You can’t get much better than that.

Well, I know I went on for days about life but sometimes it’s nice to get a little personal with my blog.

Peace and Love Always,

Kimberly Noelle