Repurposed Garden Bike

For the last few years I have been eyeing this old bike the previous owners left behind as garden art. It was a cute bike but she had glued massive fake flowers on both the seat and inside the adorable little wooden flower box. I of course removed the fake flowers the minute we moved in and even found a small wasp nest inside the flower box. The bike has been sitting against the fence for a few years now empty.  After seeing so many cute one’s on Pinterest and various garden blogs I knew I had to pizazz mine up.  I know some  like the natural, rusted look of the bikes for their gardens but in my world I  love bright colors and turning it into art. I pride myself on creating a one of a kind from something everyone has which means… some paint in a pretty color and a touch of acrylic.

Sneak Peak…









Here’s a closer look. I went for a very abstract bohemian look.






Well I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe it sparked some inspiration!
Peace and Love,

Sneak Peak at my current project… She’s gonna be a beauty when I’m done. ; )


A repurposed bench turned pretty planter.

I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not a junk collector because in fact…I have an entire shed full of junk I have received from family members or I just felt I couldn’t pass up when scavenging the flea markets. As much as I love finding “things” to turn into other “things” we just don’t have the room and we want to purge so that I can turn the shed into an art studio which I’m very thrilled about! Anyway, I’m trying to pick through the things I think I can use. I had purchased this cheap breakfast nook table that sits in a corner at an auction. The only problem? It was very low, cheaply made, and missing connector pieces for the corner benches. I painted them white later on and used just the benches in my kitchen, they looked really cute but everyone in the family hated them. They were a tad to uncomfortable and low. So back into the shed of junk they went until today. I realized I could take the top off of the smaller one and use it as a cute little planter, so that’s what I did.

If you have visited my blog before than you know it’s no secret I love to paint, and I love to paint on out of the ordinary pieces. I don’t have room to get out canvas and make a mess so I like to paint things that I can repurpose and use.. like benches, wheelbarrows, and headboards for my yard. LOL. I keep with a theme of painted flowers so that I don’t look to much like the crazy lady on the block. I like it all to flow but with a touch of quirkiness. I took an old cheap bench I had laying around and turned it into what I like to call an art piece that functions for the yard! ; )


I’ve loved painting flowers since I was young. I made this piece a little more bohemian and quirky with a touch of Monet for inspiration. He is my favorite artist.


I took the top off, screwed some holes in the bottom for drainage and added a liner so the wood won’t crack. However, I may end up just putting pots inside full of flowers, depending on how well these do in this piece.








Well I hope I have inspired you a bit to think outside the box, do what you love regardless of what others think and create something beautiful from the junk.
Peace and Love,

Upcycled Wheelbarrow

It’s summer vacation in our house, which means life finally begins! LOL. I started working again so it’s been crazy busy in our house and because I work at a school I get my summers off with the kids. It’s nice to have time to get creative and enjoy the sunshine and beauty of summer. I have tons of projects planned! Today I worked on an old wheelbarrow that was laying around in our junk pile that needed to go to the dump. It was rusted and leftover from the previous owners of the house. I however looked at it and found a opportunity to create something pretty for they yard. I have found that my favorite thing to do these days is creating pretty art in the yard.

Sneak Peak…


 The great thing about a project like this is there is so many different ways you can go about using a wheelbarrow as a planter in the garden. You can use an old rusty wheelbarrow and leave it as is, buy a brand new one and use it as a garden feature or like I did and paint the wheelbarrow to add some quirkiness and fun!


The steps:
1. Paint wheelbarrow or leave as is I used a yellow Valspar spray paint and sprayed the entire wheel-
barrow, even the tire. ; )
2. Drill a few holes in bottom for drainage
3. Fill bottom with thin layer of rock/gravel
4. Pour soil to you liking and deep enough for flowers to sit in
5. Arrange flowers to your liking
It really is that simple!





 I hand painted flowers in acrylic and then sprayed a clear protective coat over it.


 Well I hope you enjoyed this fun project and maybe it has sparked some creativity in making that junk pretty and useful again!
Peace and Love,