Living Room and Dining Room Makeover on a Budget


Welcome to my updated living room. This room has gone through sooooo many changes in the last few years we’ve lived in this house. I had a really large leather sofa and 2 hand me down chairs that were burgundy and gold which DID NOT go with my color scheme I had wanted at all! I would hide them with throws and blankets but it only made the room look unpolished. But you know, my philosophy has always been that you use what you have in your best way possible until you can accumulate and afford all the things you want to make it that “perfect room.” Which is exactly what I had done in the years we’ve been here. I can’t say that every time I get the design right, but I remind myself that this room I’m creating is for my family and I to enjoy.

Just for an idea of the before…This is what it looked like when we bought it. The owners were an older couple who kept the home in great shape but it was a little dated.

When we moved in…I was really into reds and yellows and lots of patterns. I was testing out paint colors here.

After many changes in the last few years which is another post I will be writing soon, I finally figured out what vibe I wanted for our living room. Relaxing with pops of uniqueness.

Greenery should be all over the home. I love plants, in fact I would love to have a sunroom filled with them not that I can actually get them to grow!

The photos in the hall were made with fingernail polish and canvas paper. The large scenic water color painting is actually from Target and the two accent photos next to it were from a wall gallery book full of pictures you can use from Hobby lobby. I found these that looked perfect with the rest of the pictures, cut them up and bought 2 white frames for them.

The coffee table I got from the Goodwill. I painted the bottom white and freshened up the stain on the top.

I love me some pillows and throws!

The entire entryway and living/dining room looks fabulous but “THAT” door! LOL. it’s the last thing to go, we just haven’t gotten around to it just yet. Just imagine it white with a dark door knob. : )


Since my last Ever Evolving living and dining room post, this room has really changed. The sofas I purchased in November. I got a great deal! They were on sale at our local furniture store because they were no longer going to carry that brand in the store. The green accent chair I picked up at Target. The birch trees are hand painted, because I truly believe in every home you should have a quirk that is your own.

We painted and stained our staircase finally and put in a new light fixture.

 I painted the trim around the window and ugly air conditioning unit. I wish I could figure out a way to hide the air conditioner but for now a pretty green plant will do. : )


In the back of my mind I had been wanting a new kitchen table, one that would fit our family and the dining room. We had always been given hand me down tables from my parents because they seem to buy new furniture once a year and always gives us kids free dibs before getting rid of them so I accumulated at least 3 tables which were all round, oval, and square but because our dining room is tiny and narrow we really needed a long rectangle style. We were shopping at Sam’s club of all places and saw this. My husband loved it which is not like him and of course I loved it so I took advantage of his good mood and we purchased it. It goes so nicely with the rest of the neutral toned furniture.

The rug is our newest purchase, I had bought one from Target and it wasn’t very good quality so as I drug my husband around in search of the perfect rug we finally scored one at Home Depot. I LOVE it! It cost a little more but it’s great quality and a neutral color so it will never go out of style. I don’t mind splurging on something I know I will keep for quite awhile.

So there it is! Lots of changes. This summer we will finally be starting on the kitchen which is my least favorite part of the house. I love my home and I like adding a few quirks to make it my own.
                                                                       Peace and Love Always….

Updated Foyer on a budget

 Almost 2 years ago we bought our first home! Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long. The market was booming and there wasn’t a whole lot to choose from in the time frame we had. We lucked out and found a raised ranch with a beautiful lot that worked for our family of 4 and as a starter home, because we all need that first starter home. The entryway is the first thing you see when you open the front door. It’s a little foyer with stairs leading up to the living and dining area and stairs leading down to a large family room, bedroom, and laundry room. To make it short, this is the first thing you see. I knew from the moment we walked in that the foyer had to be the first thing to be remodeled. In 2 years it has drastically changed and slowly come together as we had mounted it on top of other ongoing projects. I’d like to say it’s finally done, but really in my creative world ” it’s never actually done.”
Here is one of a few before shots of the entryway. As you can see everything wood was that gold oak. The flooring is also a golden shade of parquet. It was all just a bit dated and boring.



After 2 years and many changes this is the after! I love it and most of all I love that I was FINALLY
able to talk my husband into changing out the 1980’s chandelier that hung to high  in the entryway. Here we opted for a more modern light fixture and finish to match the new door knobs.  The light fixture is called a Wensley in oil rubbed bronze you can find it at Menards.

The flooring! I say it like that because let me tell you that was trouble. We originally had sanded down the the parquet thinking by staining it, it would update the look in a budget friendly way. However…no matter how many times we sanded the stain was just not taking well and it looked messy. We headed back to Menards to price flooring and we thought about tile but then we’d have to buy all the gadgets that go with tiling. We spent 2 hours up and down isles of flooring and came across laminate. I know… Laminate? But Laminates come a long way since back then and there are many different types. My sister had some in her living and dining room and loved it. So we decided to try it out. I’m very happy with it! It looks like real wood, easy up keep and cleaning, and if it gets damaged it’s very affordable to fix as well as easy.

Now, for the stairway! Oh boy was this a chore and a tedious one at that! Anyone who tells you this is an easy quick weekend project is lying. We sanded the stair case down and decided to stain the tops and large posts in a dark walnut the rest we painted white along with the trim on the doors.

The after…I love it! It was a lot of work. Painting those spindles was not fun and it took about 6 coats after sanding it 3 times, staining, sanding again for the stain to adhere well. We finally got it though thanks to patience. It looks so much better and modern.









Until the next update…


Wall art project…entryway wall before and after.

It’s spring break!!! Which means I have a week off from work and I am able to be messy creative and not have to worry about work the next day!
I had plans to clean and then I saw a bare wall in my living room/entryway that was bare, spotted with paint colors, and just looking blahh because we are currently working on our entryways staircase floors and lighting it’s  a little “under construction” so I decided I was going to paint it and that I did. I got my creative juices flowing…The weather was beautiful, it’s spring break, almost summer, life is good so I got inspired to paint a abstract landscape of somewhere beautiful I traveled to recently. Check it out….

The inspiration…On my travel I took this shot in Estes Park, Colorado.

This green wall has literally changed about 25 times in the last year. It’s the wall that sits at the top of the stairs and the first thing anyone sees when walking in or even standing at our front stoop. It’s been blank, it’s been cluttered, it’s been a mismatch of junk (literally) I eventually was going to just find a nice square mirror to stick on it but with all the gadgets on it and the fact that a small closet opens up to it made it an awkward space for hanging anything. I originally planned a mural here but my over thinking everything got in the way.

Now, here is the after and at first I was skeptical, like all my art work my self doubt kicks in and I start to over think. For some murals in a home may be weird, not “designer” and maybe even tacky. However, I love color, I love paint, and I love putting it on walls to create art. I’m an artist therefor my home should reflect what I love, what I appreciate, and have personality. If I wanted a Pottery barn home I’d shop the catalog but I like quirks and even a “wow” factor. As I was painting my daughter says to me ” mom, I love our house, it’s so cool and not like anybody else’s” that right there gave me satisfaction in what I was creating.

Excuse the ugly gold door, we have been in the middle of working on this area down to the entryway for the last few weeks it’s being removed and a white door is being put in. I can’t wait to share that project with you all soon!

Here is a closer look… I free handed it, it took about 8 hours to complete and I couldn’t be more happy with it. It looks so beautiful with the rest of my home and flows nicely, it even makes that area feel larger.

I used a mixture of acrylics and samples of wall paint colors that I had lying around. I knew those dozens of little green and blue samples would come in handy one day.

Well I hope that my thinking outside the box and to not be afraid to be creative and different in your home has inspired you some. I love my house and all the blood, sweat, and tears along with creativity we put into it to make it “our home.” I’m so excited to share with you the entryway and what we have done with it. It looks so different but we still have a few little details to put into place before I share.

                                           Peace and Love,