Craft room turned Dressing/closet room on a budget.

I have been working on a few large projects lately. I finally got around to getting one of those semi-done. I say that because of course nothing I do is ever fully finished because I love change and finding new ways to dress up different rooms through out my home. This room was actually my office/craft room before. However, things changed. We live in a large house with 2 extra bedrooms we don’t use so we turned them into a sort of his and hers office. The closets are pretty  small because it is an older home and I had clothes, shoes, and dressers scattered in almost every room because of the lack of space. I was tired of going from room to room to find anything. The fact that the closets were so full drove me nuts. I finally decided that because I work now and the basement is slowly but surely getting transformed into a family room I figured that I could eventually put all the crafts down there and have a desk for the kids. I wanted a clean space, so I had my husband build a closet in my once office/craft room. Oh, how much I love being able to have all of my clothes in one room. I tried to make it a little stylish with some things I had but eventually I would like to paint the walls and doors, put in a chandelier light, and eventually have all the same colored hangers. LOL. I know that may take a bit. For  now it works and it was less that 200 dollars.

Here was what it looked like when we first moved in a few summers ago and then I created a office/craft room space, which I loved but it was just feeling to over crowded and I felt that a closet would better suit my needs right now.

Here’s the after of it all. I was able to leave my desk and computer where I can still sit and do my bills and search Pinterest for ideas. ; )

A wall of memories, favorite things, and a sweet love note with pictures from my 2 girls.

I hung some special photos, cards, and a “Best Mom Ever” award that my daughters put together for me.

The desk was originally red that I had bought from Target last winter. I decided to paint a few different shades of blue over it and dry brush it with white for a beachy feel. * no real wood was hurt for this project. : )

I am eventually going to put in new doors. For now however, the yellow doors must be overlooked.

I liked the thought of curtains hanging from my original closet doors.

I kept my bookshelves in the dressing room because I love books, and displaying my kids little trinkets they have made me over the years, photos and a few of my favorite things.

My bookshelves full of my books, arts, special photos, handmade trinkets, and knickknacks of my favorite things.

                                                       Stay tuned for the follow up…
                                                   Peace and Love Always……..