A Modern Chic Living Room Inspired by Art

Do you ever come across a beautiful painting that’s of abstract nature and love everything about it but have no clue how you would decorate around it? Well, there is a site called http://www.invaluable.com/ the worlds premier auctions where there are a variety of beautiful paintings to choose from. Whether you want abstract, scenic, oil or mixed media they have it all. I was able to design a room around one of their exclusive paintings. Let me just tell you that as an artist myself and loving textures and colors  and anything original it was hard for me to choose. I would have loved to have created a room around them all but for some reason the vibrant colors of yellows, oranges and greens in this Rita Amaya oil painting  jumped out at me and I new right away how I wanted to go about creating a room around this beauty.

Everything in this photo can be found Here.
I put together this modern chic living room. I pulled my inspiration from the television show Mad Men. The clean lines and modern touches I new would work perfectly with this painting. I wanted the painting to speak for itself because the colors are so vibrant and beautiful. I new I wanted a green sofa with a modern feel to it because I felt that it would really showcase the painting.  I  brought in some browns from the painting by adding these 2 replicas of the classic Cherner chair. I brought in some metal like material using a brass round coffee table with a glass top and two modern like brass side tables. For warmth I added a cowhide rug in a neutral color because again I wanted the painting to speak for itself. I brought in a few abstract print throw pillows to add texture and pattern to the room, along with 2 glass table lamps in burnt orange which I felt complimented both the green sofa and artwork beautifully.
 This painting would look beautiful in any home. It was very exciting to create a room inspired by a painting of my choosing. If you love original art work, paintings, prints, drawings and mixed media you must head over to invaluable.com and check out the wonderful selection of artists and collections. You will most definitely find something you can’t live without. 
                                                                  Peace and Love Always,