An Eclectic Cottage Bedroom Makeover…

The master bedroom for me has always been just a modge podge of things, not really decorated, and just thrown together. Every home we’ve lived in and yes we’ve lived in a lot of homes over the years, the master bedrooms were always small. This house was our first purchased home, it has 5 bedrooms and the master has a 1/2 bath so instead of using that as our main bedroom I decided to use the smaller one upstairs for our master and the “actual master” as my office/closet because I actually enjoy having a total separate room to do all that in rather than my bedroom. Though the room is quite small it suits us for now because all we do is sleep and watch some bedtime television. Back in the spring I “sorta” redid my room but the more I laid in it the more I realized it was not my style. I tried to go neutral with touches of reds but I couldn’t get on board with it. I love color and pretty things to look at. My parents had a garage sale so as I was going through all my hoarding tendencies I just couldn’t give away all of my vintage scenic prints that I have collected over the years. I decided it was time for new bedding and an entire new look for our master using thrifted and flea market finds as well as shopping my own home, which for me can be fun, like I said I have decorating hoarding tendencies. lol. I love an eclectic cottage feel and I love vintage prints. My living room is done in vintage birds and flower prints, my office is full of vintage Japanese prints and now my bedroom has my collection of scenic and cityscape prints. I love laying in my bedroom, it almost feels like I’m somewhere on the east coast in a cottage enjoying a vacation! Check out all my nooks and crannies in our updated bedroom.

Here is when we first moved in…

Here was my first makeover…It was a rustic chic look but I love greens, yellows, and blues to much to enjoy this red and brown room.

Now this….I’m loving this so much better and it’s more my style. All the photos were previously bought and collected over the years from flea markets and thrift stores, the plates as well. I made the initial art awhile back. This now flows well with the rest of my home. I’m not a minimalist by no means. ; )

 I just changed out the lamp shades I bought on the clearance shelf at Target. The side tables are laminate and were pretty beat up. I filled in the damaged parts the best I could with wood filler and then painted them the with the paint I had laying around the house we used for our living room. Sea Sprite by Olympic paints. Throw pillows a few I got on clearance at Target and the others are pillow covers I purchased at Hobby Lobby for literally a few bucks. They were half off!! Such an affordable way to change your pillows. Bedding was on clearance at Kohls.

I picked up this telephone desk at the Goodwill a few years ago. It was an awful pea green. I painted it a bright yellow and painted the desk part with chalkboard paint.

I LOVE me some gallery walls and if you follow me you know I go big or I go home. Lol. You can check out my entryway gallery wall that’s my pride and joy because of the time it took to create it and the sentimental pieces I have hanging Here

I needed a vase to complete my room and I found these cute little rustic one’s at Hobby Lobby for 6 bucks.

Excuse the massive Television, I have to leave some sort of wiggle room for my husband when decorating. If it were up to me I wouldn’t have a television in my bedroom but I compromised. The dresser I picked up at a local thrift shop, it was pretty beat up so I just painted it and stained the front drawers with a green stain and then went over it with a brown stain. Half the knobs went missing so I had to double them up.

Well I hope you enjoyed this tour. I think I’m satisfied with our little master bedroom. I feel like it’s an actual put together bedroom instead a modge podge of things.
Peace and Love…
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Repurposed Window Frame

Hey All! It’s been a few since I posted last. It has been crazy around here lately with school, new job demands and family activities. The weather is getting cooler so my outdoor activities have become less and less and started back up decorating the house….AGAIN. I feel like it’s a never ending process. Anyway I was out doing some thrifting and came across this old window. I see them all the time but for some reason this one was calling to me. I picked it up for $20. It was missing 3 glass panes so I decided to just take the others out from there I had no idea what I was going to do with it until I started playing around and found it went perfectly in my updated living room I’ve been working on. The old rustic wood of the window just fits perfectly. At first I was going to leave it blank but then decided it would be cool to place some vintage bird prints inside using yellow washi tape.

I just love the wood.

Bird prints and washi tape. Raise your hand if you love Washi tape!!! I do, so great for hanging pictures you can change out frequently without the holes.

At this stage I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I had just used some sticky tape on the backs before using washi tape but I wasn’t digging it.

Then I decided maybe I’d just leave it blank, but the colorful me said NOPE it won’t do after looking at it for a few days. ; )

I don’t know about you but I love the look of the tape, it actually has a white chevron print on it. It works great for me because I can change the photos as much as I’d like easily.

I just love mixing new and old things together. I can’t wait to show you the updates in the living room I’ve been working on. It’s looking more and more like the eclectic cottage feel I’ve been wanting. Everything takes time.

                                                                   Peace In Love,