Landscaping materials turned into a piece of art for the yard.

We have not only a pile of bricks in our yard from our old fireplace but a pile of curved scalloped edgers that were not being used. I told my husband who wanted to give them away to leave them because I was going to recycle every single one into something fun and unique. The look he gave me was priceless, but so far he’s been impressed. I had good intention of relaxing yesterday in the sun since it’s been raining all week but as I laid there and looked at the pile my creative juices started flowing and I couldn’t relax no more. I decided the edgers would be a neat way to create the feathers of a peacock, the legs I used some of our old bricks laying around. The face which I had the hardest time figuring out what I was going to use turned out to be a random paver that I decided to just paint the face on. With the help of my oldest daughter we created this beauty and placed it in the front yard among the trees and a big void spot in our gravel. It’s quirky, it’s bright, it’s fun, and nobody else has one like it.

We used Rust-Oleum spray paint in various colors of green, blue, and yellow we had laying around. The feet are done in a brown. I added the black dots and the face using acrylics.

Well I hope you enjoyed this outdoor project, It was fun but hard work. Those edgers are not light weight and shoveling gravel in 90 degree heat to lay the bird in was hard work but it sure came out cute and hey, on the upside I got my workout in for the day. ; )
Peace And Love….

A boring picnic table gets a doodle inspired makeover

When we bought this house last summer the previous owners left this large and very heavy picnic table and we were excited thinking we wouldn’t have to buy patio furniture. Well, with the amount of time we are outside bbqing in the summer we soon found out that the lack of back support and the pure uncomfortableness of it was not going to work so we bought a really nice patio set with umbrella and all. The picnic table however is great for putting food out on and for the kids to sit, so I wanted to do something fun and quirky. I really had no plan, whatsoever. I decided on dandelions and as I had just finished the first of it guess what?????? It started raining, so there was some smearing of paint going on and I was not happy but I was not about to repaint the entire thing so instead I decided to go with a doodle effect and the imperfections created by the rain would look intended. ; ) As I had finished the last part of it guess what?????? It started to rain yet again but luckily most of the paint was dry. I’m happy with it, it’s a fun place for all the kiddos to gather on a hot summer day.

Before: I’m not a fan of grey or beige. I need color, and sometimes I like to overboard. 

The rain did not help my project but I improvised and like most of my art I got messy with it because I like imperfections.

I had good intentions of creating this beautiful mural but then after the rain I realized that this is going to be used a lot and the mural should be saved for something else. I went for a doodle look. It is the kids table after all.

It’s defintley bright but it matches the rest of our pops of color in the yard. Check it out Here

Excuse the water and mud it was inevitable.

Well as summer is almost over, the kids start school, and I go back to work I’m happy with all the outdoor painting I accomplished thus far. Don’t worry, I’m not quite done, there’s still a few months left of warm weather that I have to fill with projects.
                                                                       Peace And Love…

Freshening up walls with flea market vintage prints.

I was at the Goodwill recently with good intentions of getting rid of junk I already had but the “junker” in me had to stop in because when you give away junk you should always pick up more right? I made a quick drop off and ran inside to check it out hoping I wouldn’t find anything I “needed” but low and behold sitting on the flower were all these amazing vintage botanical prints and I’m a sucker for pretty vintage prints. I will say that out that out of the 6 that were there I only bought 4. They were just to gorgeous to pass up. They have been sitting in my closet for a few weeks now but as the weather was rainy and I was getting stir crazy I decided to bring them out, clean them up, and figure out a place for them.

Here was my flea market and thrift store finds in the last month that I gathered together. I couldn’t pass up on any of these.

I found this beauty at a flea market in Fort Collins Colorado which by the way if you are ever in that area head South on College Ave and you will find a row of fantastic flea markets and antique shops. It’s my favorite Sunday jaunt.

I picked out a few and replaced what I had in the frames with these beautiful large vibrant botanicals! Prints from books are such a good and affordable way to decorate your walls. You can find botancial and bird prints at just about any flea market. I have been lucky enough to find some not only beautiful one’s but nicely framed and matted as well. I love change so this idea is perfect for me.

 These 18th Century Robert Furber flower arrangement calendar prints are GORGEOUS! I was so happy when I saw them sitting there on the floor of our local Goodwill.

Here’s a closer look. The frames are a little beat up but I like little imperfections in my home. 

 While I was deciding on where to put these pictures I painted the bottom of my table a crisp white. Lets just say It was a day filled with a variety of little projects. Apparently when it rains for 3 days straight I feel the need to get busy when the sun starts to shine again.

I’m just a sucker for vintage prints of any kind. My office is filled with Japanese prints that I’m in love with. I’m thinking of collecting some scenic vintage prints now for our basement when it’s done being remodeled.

I had bought this white frame for a picture I painted but the glass shattered so I decided I’d hang the green and gold Robert Furber print inside of it to add a little something, I actually really like the look of it framed in the white much better.

                                                          Peace and Love…