Recycled bricks from an old fireplace turned into colorful yard art!

I spent the day with my 5 year old daughter creating a quirky and fun backyard escape. We used a pile of bricks that are in our yard from demolition on the fireplace downstairs. I kept telling my husband that I know there is something we can create with all of these bricks. Along with many plants we have many gravel areas in our yard. I came up with the idea to create flowers out of the old bricks and lay them inside the gravel, I didn’t stop there I decided that the bird bath, frogs, and pavers could use some personality. We spent 20 dollars, 4 hours ( with breaks in between :))  various colors of spray paint and lots of creativity to create this little area. I have to tell you that I hope this is a project my little girl will grow up to tell her family we did together on a warm summer day. My oldest daughter was not here to join in the fun but we left her spaces on the pavers to write her favorite quotes and words.

Sneak Peak…

 Before..The pile of bricks from our fireplace in the basement that was leaking water because the previous owners did not seal up the wall correctly. We had to take it all out. I can’t wait to create more fun stuff with these bricks. There is definitely plenty to go around.

getting ideas…
It sure brightened up the space and it is so fun for the girls.
She had a blast working on this. 
We decided to make faces in the flowers.


                      My daughter helped paint these pavers and write our families names on them.

      I looked out while doing dishes from our kitchen window and smiled when I saw this. Such a beautiful reminder of a fantastic day.

we decided to go further and paint some rocks, the birdbath, and the yard frogs. ; )

Well I hope this gave you a smile, brightened your day, or gave you an idea of something fun to do with your kids this summer. The hardest part was digging out all the rocks to place the flowers in but I managed. I just love the pops of colors and my daughters will enjoy this forever.

                                                      Peace and Love….

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Creating an outdoor space by recycling household items.

I have been looking at this blank space on our back deck forever. I new I wanted a little barista table and chairs but I couldn’t justify spending 200 bucks on one and as I had been searching thrift stores and flea markets nothing was catching my eye. Well the other day it was gorgeous out and I was tinkering around the yard and when I was looking for paint in my shed and doing laundry downstairs I realized I had so much furniture and “stuff” stored all over the house, shed, and garage that were not being used. So, I found a metal table that I had stuffed in a closet, 2 red metal chairs I bought at Target for extra seating in our basement that were never being used, and some thrifty finds that I had collected and put them all together to create my own little barista set….for FREE! Does it look designer? No, but it looks me, which is eclectic, vintage, and flea market cozy. I can’t wait to sit outside with my cup of joe and listen to the birds while flipping through the latest Flea Market Style magazine.

Sneak Peak…

Before: It’s lacking in Spunk and Color!

After shopping my own “shed” and “garage” and “home” I found some cute little items and made myself a free outdoor living area.

Before…It looked so blah.

The previous owners had left this little white metal shelf in the garage. I decided to use it as a small potting type bench. I put my flowers I still needed to pot on there, my watering can, and tin can  full of my gardening tools and gloves.
I put my little herb garden on the first level. The little metal cart is from the Goodwill along with decorative vintage plates you can see more of that here Our Gleaming Door.


I’ve had this screen for 5 years and had it shoved in the corner of my office with no where to go. I thought it would be great as a sort of privacy screen since our neighbors deck looks right out onto ours. The butterfly I also had laying around for years that I just added for dimension and that outdoorsy feel. The rug I bought at Kohls a few years back for my kitchen that was shoved in “get rid of” bag. Sure glad I kept it because it fits perfect in this little space for a nice place to lay your feet.

Well I hope that I have inspired you to think outside the box, find creative and inspiring ways to make something from what you have and to enjoy it. My philosophy has always been don’t spend money where it doesn’t need to be spent. I have a hundred other things that I need right and a barista set was not one of them so I improvised and got creative. Thanks for stopping by!
                                                      Peace And Love,

A garden tour of our spring blooms…You won’t be disappointed

I remember as a kid I would read books like The Secret Garden, Anne of Green Gables, and old fairy tales and imagine the landscape. I would dream of sitting in a beautiful garden full of wonderful smells and vibrant colors. As a teen I would take my books and drive to the park with the stream that ran through it where I would lay out a blanket and read or dream because I have always been a dreamer. When I moved to Italy I would take the bus to the parks, they were amazing and so fairy tale like. I always dreamed of having a beautiful garden,though I had no idea what it took to create something so natural and stunning. My husband and I were lucky enough to find a home with such. My first thought was how I couldn’t wait to lay in the sun in the middle of this beautiful scenery and read my books or flip through my collection of decorating and fashion magazines. I was excited! We moved in last summer so I missed all the beautiful spring blooms but this year I was able to enjoy them all as they have come and gone and come again in different forms. I documented all of the beautiful colors blooming around our home with photographs. I would like to share with  you all the beauty that comes so natural and I hope to put a smile on your face because the colors alone are spectacular.

The previous owner created a fence made of leaves. Though it’s beautiful I found out a month ago before it bloomed that trimming and upkeep is a lot of work. This is along our sidewalk around the edge of our backyard that faces the street.

More foliage. It’s a lot to handle but it looks so much like a secret garden.

An archway in our front yard made of vines.

Dandelions I know are considered weeds and annoying but I couldn’t help but capture the beauty.

So many plants and vines. I felt a bit overwhelmed this spring when I had my first try at pruning and clipping. It’s definitely work but the more I do it the more I enjoy it.

What we like to call our Pom Pom tree.

 My husband bought me this orchid and though it’s not in our yard it was just to beautiful not to photograph and share.

 I wish I would have had my camera out and ready when I found this HUGE bumble bee but I didn’t so I snapped it with my phone. Look at the size of that guy!!!

I wanted to share the beauty and inspiration I have found around my yard this spring. I couldn’t help but fell happy when seeing all these blooms and colors. I have never had my own yard with plants and trees and vegetables to take care of so I’m learning with the help of my mom how to take care of them all. I am so thankful to the previous owner for such beauty she created and I was left to enjoy.

                   I leave you with a quote from one of my favorite artists…Claude Monet.


                                                          Peace and Love…