My Eclectic Living and Dining Room

The sun is shining, the grass is green, birds are chirping and flowers are blooming. Spring is here! I have upgraded my living and dining room a bit for a more airy and spring/summer feel. I’m absolutely loving this weather and my evolving living and dining room. I say evolving because it continually changes as I find items and furniture pieces I need here and there. I would say I’m a collector. I love collecting items I fall in love with. Whether I can use them now or “perhaps” later I will purchase something at a flea market or thrift store if I really fall in love with it and it will eventually find a home.
 Sneak Peak..

 Everything in this room was a hand me down, thrifted or repurposed. I like to create my own kind of style with things found from a variety of places and always at a discounted price. ; )

I Found a set of 3 of these cute fruit inspired tea towels at Tj Maxx for $5.

I’ve carried around this yellow vintage chrome table for years. It was the first item I bought when I had my very first “adult” apartment. I haven’t used it in about 9 years but because our dining room is soo small I decided it would work better for now. I’m loving the eclectic feel it gives.

I found this gorgeous vintage Turner print at our local flea market. I got it for $60 and after looking on ebay at how much they are going for…$100-$300, I think I got a good deal and I just LOVE it! I love my birds. I did paint the frame because it was a very ugly yellow/gold color. I just spruced it up with some white paint.


  I found these gorgeous frames that matched perfect with my greens and blues in my home at TJ Maxx and had to get them. I spent less than $50 on all 4, that’s a great deal. I have tons of bird, herb, and flower prints from old books I have picked up here and there at the flea market. I like to change them out.

 My coffee table I painted. Made from a lazy susan and a plant stand. Shop your home and be creative it works!

I used a cake stand from Hobby Lobby in the clearance section to give my plant a little lift and placed in a tray with colored driftwood. 
I love bright colors, quirkiness, and anything repurposed or upcycled. I have tried to go the muted and  neutral color route but it just wasn’t me and I feel like I see to much of it already. I need color and intresting things to look at. I love going in to peoples homes where I can stop and stare at lovely things I’ve never seen anywhere else and styled differently than anyone else. That’s why they call it eclectic and quirky! ; )

 Painted an old bench from a table set my mom picked up for me at an auction for $5 to cover the ugly air conditioning unit. The other half is used in the dining room being used as bench seating around our vintage dining table.

 Covered these chairs with white blankets I found. The fabric is a deep red with gold flowers. It does not go with my room at all and I have not found any I like as of yet to replace these. However, I have seen some painted ones. I may just test that out!

Well I hope you enjoyed my yet again updated living and dining room. I had to get ready for the spring and summer months! I just shopped my own home, did a little repurposing, painting, scored a few items at our local flea market and clearance sections and spruced it up for a budget friendly price!

                                                               Peace In Love…

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My favorite repurposed piece…

Do you have that one piece of furniture that you know you will probably always keep because you just love it that much? Well today I would like to share with you mine. I’m sure you’ve seen it pop up in pictures here and there of my updated living room posts but I have never actually wrote a post about this piece. I did originally talk about it on Prairie Sisters when I had finished it and thought I was going to sell it but in a year since then I have kept it and it is now my prized piece!

We originally got 2 of these at an auction for a really good deal, the other one has it’s hutch but this one had a missing hutch, it was pretty banged up with lots of scratches.  I know that they are antiques but this one was up for grabs while the other we left as is and put in our booth to sell.

I stained and distressed all of the drawers. I used Island Water stain in Minwax for the drawers and a sleek white for the base. I used coffee tint stain in minwax for the top. After putting on the island water blue I decided to go back over it with the coffee tint stain to really bring out the wood grain peeking through.

I wanted the grain of the wood to really show through and I wanted a bit of glam so I added these antique looking knobs I got from Hobby Lobby.

Well there it is…My favorite piece. It’s not perfect, it’s rustic, it’s modern with a twist of glam and farmhouse. It’s eclectic which is exactly my style.

                                                             Peace In Love….

Diy: A easy and fun hand painted photograph

So Mothers day is upon us and as I was flipping through magazines, clicking through Pinterest, and printing out pictures I took of my girls I decided that I was going to treat myself to a handmade gift. Yes, that’s right handmade and by the none other than the mother herself! Lol! I thought it would  be cool to take my printed photograph a step further and paint over it. I know right? It was actually kind of fun and I can paint scenic landscapes, flowers, and animals but I’ve never in my life painted actual people. I can draw them but paint? Well instead of the fuss of drawing it all out I decided to just paint over the picture with bright colored acrylics. I wanted a Fancy Nancy look to it. I don’t know if any of you know the series of books for kids called Fancy Nancy and I think we own every single one. I just love the bright colored art work done on the characters. I went and picked up a few extra acrylic paints that I was out of and a white frame. I spent less that $30 on this little project. Check it out…

The inspiration…

The materials…I did print my photo on ultra premium presentation paper only because that was the thickest paper we had and it worked.

Here is the process…

After it was all said and done…It’s not perfect but I wanted a cartoon/abstract feel to it and this was my first time trying to paint faces. It was fun, though I could use some more practice.

 This project anyone could do! Just put some tunes on, grabbed a paint brush and painted away, what is great about this is that you can let the picture guide you in colors and placement. Mine is not perfect by no means because getting the right flesh tone was killing me so I finally told myself that this is for fun and it didn’t have to be perfect. As a creative and artistic person I can sometimes get caught up in whether it’s perfect but for never painting people before and having the picture as my guide made it easier. It’s almost like a paint by numbers. : )

Well I’m loving my mothers day gift to myself. It was my first time painting over a photo and my first time painting faces. I love the quirkiness to it. Remember it’s something fun to create and mean something it does not need to be perfect, it’s all in the way you decide to capture a moment with color!

                                              Peace In love….

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