Another mural on a gloomy day

It was one of those days…April has never been a favorite of mine and I seem to have a lot on my mind. I’ve been thinking about a friend I lost when we were teenagers to Leukemia during the month of April. Every year at this time I always think of her and this up and down weather isn’t helping. So whenever I’m down I have always painted as a way out of my head for a bit. Today I just decided I was going to paint some birch trees around my window. Oh lord, when it was all said and done I second guessed myself but then realized it was a great form of therapy for those few hours. Is it perfect? No, but as an artist it never is and my moods dictate the level of creativity I project. Here is what it looks like, I think it adds a quirky and eclectic feel to my living room that is slowly but surely being upgraded.

Here’ what it looked like earlier this year..I had to move the sofa now that it’s getting warmer because the previous owners for whatever reason decided that an air conditioning unit would be perfect protruding out of the bottom of the window. LOL. That will be fixed soon but for now I’m giving up the “chic” look for a cooler living room.

                      I tried hiding the ugly air conditioning unit with a little bench for now.

Well, until I paint again…….I think I’m done with the murals for now, but I think it came out pretty neat if I do say so myself.

                                                         Peace In Love…

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Being a homeowner is so much more work than renting!

Remember our Basement update and how it was slowly going to get a makeover, well it’s in full progress now and not because we woke up and said…let’s do it! Nope, it all started with a leak, and then a puddle, and then torn walls, and then a gutted laundry room, and then the fireplace had to be completely removed, and then we had to add a beam to the middle of the room and……..well it’s still going! Lol, on the positive side though I finally get to get rid of that ugly blue carpet!

We later discovered that the previous owners installed this fireplace in the corner and DID NOT finish dry walling around the metal tubing which led to snow actually in our wall, a broken water pipe from the cold air freezing it, and lots of dead critters behind this corner wall. It was disgusting and the crappiest job ever done on a fireplace.

We ended up just removing the entire fireplace which gave us about 4 extra feet.

                                       We removed all of the ugly blue carpet.

                                             We are getting rid of the glass dated doors on the utility room and adding some really nice white painted wood double doors. Sadly I may paint over my mural! : ( I know right?! However, my husband informed me that he would like to fix this house up a bit and put it on the market in a year so we can build our own. I don’t know, the thought of moving yet AGAIN leaves me with nightmares. This last move was the worst to date.

                  We now have to separate large areas in this basement. We are having trouble trying to figure out what to do. My husband wants to add another room down here but I think it would really close up the space. I think for this side of the room we could set it up as the media room.

 We have decided to paint the walls a neutral color so when we get ready to sell in a year or so it’s one less wall that needs to be painted, plus as much as I love this blue the basement needs a brighter and warmer shade. Any ideas?

                 With the beam  now it really divides this pace up and where we once had our media room set up the beam would be within vision of our big screen, therefor we are trying to figure out what to do with this side, which has the most light. My husband thinks building it in and making it a office. I want to keep the space open so I’m thinking this may be great for the girls to do homework and play.

Well I thought I’d give you an update on what’s up over here! Can’t wait to show more of the progress and hopefully be able to bounce some ideas off of you all. I’m also going to work on a inspiration design plan this week that I’ll be sharing for this space. Can’t wait!

                                                         Peace In Love…

A Flea Market Flip full of Flea market finds…

It was a beautiful day today! The wind was blowing a tad but it had to of been in the mid 60’s and for Wyoming….that’s a day you take advantage of because tomorrow it could be below 0 and snowing. We call her the bipolar state. ; ) Anyway I was inspired to paint my curio cabinet I scored at a flea market for $100. I have had it for a few months now and have debated on whether to paint it or not but finally after looking at the rest of my open floor plan the dark, shiny wood was kinda sticking out like a sore thumb. I did not want to sand because I was not about to drag that outside so I searched on Pinterest for furniture that was painted without sanding and could not believe all the tutorials out there. I bought myself some Zinsser Cover Stain Primer that is used as a stain blocker and bond coat. I was skeptical at first but after putting the first coat of white paint on when the primer was dry it went on so nice, I can’t believe how much easier it was to just slap some of this primer on before painting. The cabinet even had a medium gloss to it and it still covered nicely. The curio cabinet itself though was hard to paint, especially the inside because of all the nooks and crannies. I’m so glad I did paint it because it flows with the  rest of the house and really makes my glass collections POP!

Sneak Peak…

 Before… It wasn’t so ugly that it needed to be painted but if my living room was done in darker accent colors it may have looked pretty however, most of my accents are white so this was clashing.

I can’t believe at how much better it looks and how much the white really makes the colors of the glass pop.

The plant does really well in that area of the home so I decided to leave it and store her on top. I’m so proud of this plant by the way. I have never had a green thumb and every plant I’ve ever had dies. This one however was tiny when I first got it a few years back and now it has so much length and fullness and she’s only getting bigger. *proud momma*

 My dining room is so small but it’s coming along. I’m still looking for a small scale farm house table as it would fit much better in this area than our round one.


In honor of flea market flips and such I thought I’d share the flea market goodies inside of my curio cabinet. Every single one is from a flea market, thrift store, and a few items my mom ordered me from Ebay.

The swan is a flea market find. If you are a follower of mine than you know I love birds. I started collecting these swan dishes. They come in so many colors. I have 5, 3 are displayed in my cabinet. The blue pitcher is an auction find.

This vintage green opalescent “cherry and cable” pattern pitcher was one of my first flea market purchases back when I was about 19. This beauty has traveled around the world with me, literally. I had her displayed in Italy and was sure to bring her back. My mom found the matching cups on Ebay and gave them to me this year as a birthday gift. I just love them so much and can’t wait to add to the collection!

           Jadeite vase and plates along with a beautiful green swan dish I found at the flea market.

My first swan dish! I’ve had this one for a few years now I got it from our local flea market. The vintage flower vase my mom bought me from a flea market as well.

I found all my jadeite pieces at a flea market in Fort Collins Colorado. I got a 6 piece set for under $30 which if you know the cost of jadeite you know that’s a good deal! The bird was a random find at the thrift store.

Found this cool vintage flower piece at the Goodwill for $3, the pictures at the flea market for $2 and the little white dish with the bird at a random thrift store.

Well I hope I inspired you to take a chance on painting something without sanding! I was thrilled with the results. I wouldn’t suggest it on really glossy pieces but everything else I think it would work great on if you can’t sand or do not want to sand.  I did shabby this piece up just a tad so that’s the reasoning for the aged look you see. I’m so in love with my cabinet and glad I was able to find it at such a great price and to fill it with all of my flea market and thrifted treasures.
Peace In Love…