Pinspiration Tuesday…Pinterest made me do it.

I have been lacking this week in my Diy projects and mainly because I’ve been having some health issues and not my normal get up and go self. As I sort out that hot mess of my life I’ve been just relaxing and pinning my little heart out and because  I haven’t been able to drink my usual coffee I came across this warm drink recipe and thought I’d test it out today. OH MY….It’s amazing and it’s pretty healthy! Which got me thinking I should start posting about foods, drinks, crafts, and even outfits that were discovered from Pinterest, because I actually have tried and tested many of my pins. In fact last night I made this fantastic Chicken and Broccoli Stir fry that was to die for. There are some recipe’s though that have been a bust but what a fun way to share with you my own experience with the lovely and ever so inspiring Pinterest. So for today that is what I’m going to do…My first official post for my weekly “Pinterest Made Me Do it” every Tuesday folks.

A cup of warm spiced Almond milk….My source and inspiration found on

Almond Milk
Vanilla extract

you can substitute cinnamon for Pumpkin spice or nutmeg, any kind of spice will make this delicious!

What it tastes like? I would say a  mix of warm horchata and a chai latte.

Note: I used Vanilla Almond milk instead of the regular and it was a bit sweet but still so good.

Oh and my husband bought me a new Nikon D3200 camera that I’m just loving!!! The picture quality is amazing and will totally change the look of my blog. I can’t wait to learn everything there is to learn as a “wannabe” photograher lOl. Hey, we can all dream. ; )


I give this tried and true recipe a 5 star!!!! It was as good as it looked on my pin board… Would love to hear if any of you try this out. Leave a comment below and tell me if you liked it as much as I did and if maybe you changed it up a bit.

Peace In Love Always…


A bedroom gallery wall made with diy art….

Well  it’s  not a secret that I love me some gallery walls. I’ve been working on my bedroom for the last few weeks and it’s slowly coming together. I had decided that above my bed I wanted a small little gallery and got half way there. I wanted to finish it up so while I was out and about I went in search for art  small enough to fit in the 2 blank spaces I had and that fit my rustic glam theme. However,I had no luck finding anything and later went to Hobby Lobby for some inspiration on another project. It wasn’t until I walked down the scrapbook paper isle and found these sparkly sheets in various colors that I had an idea. I grabbed a few of those and a few with some writing on it and then decided it would be cool to layer them some how and have some sort of art in the middle, I walked by these little metal ” I do” and “love” signs and instantly new they would look cute layered with the rest of my materials. After I decided on those I went to pick out some frames but they were not on sale and way to expensive. I sat and pondered for a bit, looked at pictures of my bedroom on my phone, and saw the canvas of the woman and man under the red umbrella which you can see here and thought it would be cool to buy a couple of 9 by 12 canvases and create the layering affect, so that’s what I did. I spent less than 25 bucks on all of the materials which is good for 2 pieces of art.

The materials…I cut out the gold paper into rectangles hot glued them onto the canvas, cut out hearts from the paper with writing and hot glued those on and then added my metal art.

The large” P.s. I love you” picture I also made. It was an old mirror that I painted with chalkboard paint, aged it some with sandpaper so a bit of the mirror popped threw, sprayed the frame a metallic silver and then put bright red lipstick on and kissed it! Yes, I know it sounds weird but it added that extra quirkiness to it and it came out pretty darn cute.

I don’t know why you can’t see the lipstick kisses in this picture but depending on the light you can or can’t see them.

Here is a close up of the mirror….Some light you can see the lipstick and other light you can’t so I thought I’d give you a closer look………

Here’s another few art pieces I made from scrapbook materials and old love notes my husband has given me through out the years. I made them into a collage, framed them and put them on each of our night stands.

You can check out the rest of my room update Here if you want to see the rest of the room and why I decided not to paint it yet. ; )

 Well I hope I have inspired you to make a piece art that is unique to you whether from paper or paint.
                                                                  Peace In Love Always…


A Beautiful Art Gallery Wall…

I finally finished my gallery wall all the way down the stairs. I have to say that of everything in my home or in fact I’ve ever seen “decor wise” this has got to be my favorite decorated wall and not because I made it but because it’s a wall full of my girls art work and a few of my own pieces as well as some vintage paintings. I was unsure how far I wanted to go with this gallery wall but….if I could reach the top I would! However, I can’t so I went as high as I could and as far as I could with this gallery. LOL. Our home is a split level so the entry walls are very tall and perfect for any sort of gallery wall. I kept a white framed color scheme because our walls are a sea sprite and I new the painting and pictures I was putting in them were going to be colorful and a white frame is perfect to display pops of color and we all know I love my color. ; ) The only cost on this gallery wall were the frames and the little arrow that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I so enjoy walking in and seeing this wall it puts a smile on my face and not to mention many of our guests who have commented with joy on the theme of our gallery wall.

Here’s what it looked like when we first moved in. I found these cute paint by number pictures at the Goodwill and wanted to add some color to our white walls. However….It just wasn’t enough color for me, so I painted the walls and added my inspiration of an art gallery.

I found the peacock plate at the Goodwill, the 2 larger paintings I did years ago and had stuffed in storage, and the little boat picture I bought at our local flea market.
The BellaBrielle sign I made for my old office when I started my jewelry business. It’s the last half of each of my girls names. It just has a very special meaning to me. The Arrow is from Hobby Lobby. When I saw this I instantly new I needed it for this wall specifically. I painted on “Art Showing”. I wanted it to feel like you were at an actual art gallery looking at paintings. : )

I have saved my girls art work for years just waiting for a opportunity to create something like this.

I hope this has inspired you to create a gallery wall of your own. I haven’t seen a gallery wall I didn’t like. I am thrilled with the way this one came out in our split level entryway. It makes for a great conversation.

                                                              Peace In Love Always,