A hand painted wall mural in a basement play/homework area…

Our basement needs work to say the least. We started on it right after we bought the house last summer. There was wood paneling and blue carpet. We got to ripping apart the paneling and painting the walls a blue. The carpet however is a project in waiting. We decided to wait to change until late spring. It’s a few shades of blue but….the owners were older and very clean and had no pets or kids so it’s in great shape, I just wish they’d updated it like they did the upstairs. Anyway, we are still in the middle of a reno project downstairs. It’s a very large area that can be separated in two different living spaces which is exactly what I have done. One side is our media room with a large big screen for movies and the other is the girl’s homework station and play area, not to mention our little library ( we love books!) the wall has a ledge in the middle so it splits the wall up. I decided to paint a bright and cheerful mural on the top half instead of doing traditional pictures or mirrors. I wanted something fun and colorful for the girls to enjoy. I really had no plan in mind, I kind of just went with it. I painted murals of the beach and mermaids when I was a teenager on my bedroom walls and told myself when I bought a house I was going to put a mural on a wall, and so I did. I went with an abstract look because let me tell you the walls downstairs are soooooooooooooooooooo textured and I really mean every single one of those o’s in so, that it was really hard to paint and get clean lines. After like stage 10 of the mural, I finally put the paint brush down and told myself it was done. I have always loved painting. I had many of my pieces in art shows in school. I’m a little rusty because I’m the type of artist who can only make something beautiful if I’m inspired. It can take months to years before I ever paint or draw again and if I’m not inspired it will end up looking really bad. I guess I’m a moody artist, I usually paint when I’m stressed or bothered or need time to just calm my mind, this helps tremendously. It is like a form of meditation/ therapy for me not that I’m some crazy woman, I just have a mind that never quiets. Art, especially painting has always calmed my loud mind it allows me to focus on nothing but the creative experience and the music I play which always tends to be slow and melodic. LOL, Oh boy…..Anyway here’s the finished wall. I can’t wait to show you the entire room when it all gets put together. This mural may make more since to the skeptics but for now here is our cheerful wall…..

Sneak Peak:

what I started with….

Hmmm….I was going to stop here but decided I needed flowers, because I’ve always loved paintings of flowers.

Round 3: Still wasn’t feeling it. My oldest told me I needed more greens and yellow’s in the background.

Before all the details….
It’s finished!!! Our basement has pops of teal and red so it looks gorgeous, and once the fireplace is whitewashed it’s going to really pop!

I hope you all enjoyed this and that it inspires you to think outside the box. I love making our house our home with a bit of our quirky and eccentric personalities. This may not be everyone’s “cup of tea” but because it’s the homework/library/ play area for our girls it fits just perfectly in our basement and you can guarantee one thing from me…my house will never look like a Pottery Barn, I love color and quirks to much. 
Peace In Love Always…….
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Our Small Foyer Update…..

So I don’t know how many of you follow me on Hometalk but a few months ago I asked the question of  “I need foyer help” if you want to check that out here is the link foyer dilemma because lets face it, it was just a plain Jane of a entryway that needed some pizazz and since it was an open floor plan I was at odds of what to do. I got tons of feedback and greatly appreciated them all. I took the route of a beautiful greenish/blue shade for my entire upstairs except one wall that I painted a dark teal. I tried all the beiges and it just wasn’t me. I already new what I wanted to do for the large wall but I needed somewhere to put our shoes because my husband seems to think our little entryway is also a shoe closet (lol) and I thought it would be nice to have something to put our keys and sunglasses in so they are easy to find.  Here’s what I did…

Sneak Peak:

Before: This is what you see when you walk in the front door. We have a raised ranch home also known as a split level or bi-level which can be tricky to decorate and paint because it is so open. 
After: Sea Sprite in Olympic paint and Valspars Shady Palm for accent wall


I decided on a dark teal called Shady Palm in the Valspar collection at Lowe’s as my accent wall because I love dark colors and I love greens. I new It’d be awhile before I got sick of it and so much light comes through during the day that it just looks gorgeous especially with the sea sprite green walls I painted my main living space. I found the mirror at Hobby Lobby on sale and the bird pictures I cut from a vintage bird print book and framed with affordable white frames from Michaels.

                                                                   Before: Plain Jane


After: Sea Sprite paint in Olympic

                       The basket fits perfectly and holds just enough of my husband’s shoes. : ) The mirror is from an auction that my sister gave me that was an ugly gold before so I just painted a yellow then went over parts of it with a dark stain to give it an aged look. The gallery wall is my favorite part! It’s a wall of art. Literally! I have saved both of my girls artwork since my oldest was painting pictures at daycare, so over 9 years and I added some vintage paintings and a few of my own paintings to break up the white frames a bit. You can get a closer look and read all about it here—–A special kind of gallery wall——-

Before: From the living room…Plain Jane 
  After: A serene yet fun and quirky entryway that cost me less than $100.

                                        The oak trim still needs to be redone but until then……

                                                             Before: Plain Jane and boring

                             Still debating on whether to paint the trim in the foyer and on the staircase a white like the upstairs or to stain it a darker brown? Opinions???? I’d love to do a dark wood stain myself but I’m not sure with the rest of the trim in the house already white.

                                                     A peek from the upstairs………

Little Extras: At one time I had nailed baskets to the wall here for somewhere to put our keys and sunglasses. I had this little hutch passed down to me from my grandma sitting in my back room because I had no room for it. Originally it had handles on the sides that stuck out about a foot, after taking those off this little piece fit perfect in this tight spot.

                     I refuse to paint this piece because the wood is so beautiful so to add a pop of color I just switched the knobs out for some quirky and colorful one’s from Hobby Lobby and it gave it instant character without doing anything permanent. The swan I have had for a few years now that I got at a flea market for 3 bucks. It’s the perfect color and the perfect little dish for keys and sunglasses.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I did creating it. It’s a special little welcome when entering our home. It’s eccentric, quirky, bright and one of a kind. No Pottery Barn in this home. ; ) 
Peace In Love Always,
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A Parisian Chic Room

My ten year old daughter has had a fascination with Paris since she was a toddler. She even has a “Paris fund” a savings account my mom set up for her that she can put money into to go towards her dream of a Paris vacation. My daughter is an extraodinary kid. She’s very intelligent and mature for her age. She’s my old soul just like her mom. ; ) I wanted to do something special for her since we bought our first home this summer. I told her she could make her room her own and decorate it however she wanted. She wanted a “Paris themed” bedroom of course so we have been accumulating things to make it her own. So far we have one side of her room done. The other side is slowly coming together but I didn’t want to share until it was done. For now, I wanted to show you what we have come up with so far. Check it out………

Sneak Peak…

The white shag carpets I found at Ross for $10 a piece. The bedding is from Target. The set of black/chalk picture art are from Hobby Lobby and I got those years ago in the clearance section but I see they still have them. The picture board and lamp I’ve had for years. Everything else on the wall is from Hobby Lobby.

This BEAUTIFUL bed was done by my sister and mom. They got it for dirt cheap at an auction and it was an ugly brown. They painted it with a few layers of paint and roughed it up a bit. My sister doodled with  marker paint the french words and Eiffel Tower. Tell me this isn’t the coolest bed ever? I mean I would have loved to have this as a kid!

Thanks to my sister and mom this bed came out beautifully and fun for a kid!

We are debating on whether to paint the walls. The little side table I’m going to spray black and white but that’s another post for a special DIY.

 One day we will get this trim painted but until then it’s a cute and age appropriate room for a 10 year old with an old soul and good taste. ; )

Oh…Check out this cool little  doodle chair my sister did for my daughter. It’s adorable and such a great idea!
Hopefully we will get in completely finished by this spring but until then stay tuned!
Peace In Love Always,
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