Diy: Initials Monogram Wall Decor

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. I finally went to Michaels and picked up the supplies I needed, came home and got to work. It was easy and affordable. Keep in mind my master bedroom is a modge podge of stuff I have because we have not reached that part of the house for paint and style yet.

Sneak Peak…

        I bought the wooden blocks, heart, and lettering at Michaels craft store. It cost about 12 bucks.

 I wanted a rustic feel because that’s my style. I stained the wood block with a dark walnut. Spray painted the heart with some red I had laying around and the letters were already a white which I left. I used sandpaper on it to give it an aged and rustic feel, glued the letters on with E600 glue.

 Here is what it looks like in the bedroom. Keep in mind our master bedroom is not decorated as I’d like since we just moved in and have not started our remodeling process in the bedrooms yet but for now this is it. I love the idea of bringing in initials to a bedroom.

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A Goodwill/Hobby Lobby Upcycle

So I’ve had this chalkboard for months now. I picked it up at the Goodwill for $5 and I’ve been seeing it around Pinterest. Apparently it came from Hobby Lobby. I really didn’t need another chalkboard but it was just to cute to pass up and…it was red. It’s been sitting in my garage all summer with no place to go because I really had no use for a chalkboard so I thought about getting rid of it. Then after attending my little brothers beautiful wedding and the fantastic photo booth set up they had that printed out fun pictures I was presented with an idea. I picked up some black rick rack, push pins, and small clothes pins and made it into a frame full of hanging pictures and it came out quite cute. See….even the items you have that you feel no use for may spring an idea eventually. I say, keep the worthy junk. ; )

All you need is rick rack, push pins, and clothes pins. It was simple and easy and a great way to display photo’s or your child’s works of art and super easy to switch out. It’s going to look super cute when the wall gets painted. : )

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DIY No Sew Curtains

Well, the ugly curtains that the couple who lived in our house before had left are slowly disappearing one room at a time. My kitchen curtains…lets face it…were grandma’s and probably her grandma’s. Seriously! They were not working and I could not find any that I liked so thanks to Pinterest, I came across these DIY no sew curtains. I ran to Hobby Lobby on Saturday and picked up a few different fabrics that I got at %50 off  to start this easy project. I wasn’t quite sure if it was going to look good but after trimming the ends and hanging them I fell in love! I can’t wait to do my patio doors. Check out the tutorial below…

Sneak Peak…

The Before…Tell me these aren’t just ugly? LOL!

Step 1: Cut your fabric in strips. Any length you prefer. I went with 36 in long and 1.5 in wide.
Step 2: With pattern facing out, fold like a ribbon and place on top of rod.
Step 3:  Take the ends and curl them back and up through the hole.
Step 4:  It should look like a tie. Then you just tighten and continue on down the entire length of rod.
Note: My strips were not all perfectly measured and cut. After putting them up I trimmed the ends like           and evened them out. It took about 30 min for a small kitchen window and was less than $20. I love them! Can’t wait to do a valance above the patio doors in dining room.

The Result….
Excuse the ugly pink counters. We are remodeling.

Well, I love how they turned out and let’s not forget they were affordable. I hope this has inspired you to DIY  and create one of a kinds.
                                                 Until Next Time….
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