My Foyer Dilemma!

I’m back! Finally! It has been a very busy summer for us. We bought our very first home, watched my little brother get married, and attended a bunch of other summer activities. It’s been crazy here. I haven’t been able to work on any projects due to all the busy stuff and did I fail to mention that moving into a home of your own takes twice as long, is twice as stressful, and though it’s been a month we still have a long way to go before actually being settled in???? Oh boy! The kids starts school next week so I should finally be able to get back in my creative mood. As for now…I have a foyer dilemma. We bought a bi-level home. For those who don’t know what that is it’s a home that has two levels. You walk into a foyer/entryway and can either go up a flight of stairs or down a flight of stairs. We rented many homes over the years and one was a bi-level and we loved it. It’s great for the kids especially as they get older they can have their own spot downstairs and everyone can have their space. It’s also great for guests. Anyway, I’m finding it hard to decorate my foyer/entryway. I still have so much to do throughout the entire house but I’d love to get the foyer done since it is what you see immediately when you walk in or stand at our front porch. I have Googled ideas, looked on Pinterest and I am still lost. Help please! Ideas please! Suggestions please! I’m in a not so creative funk as of lately.

Blank walls! I need a muse and I need it PRONTO!

The obvious is that the trim around the doors and staircase need to be painted.

 I nailed two baskets to the wall for key storage, sunglasses, and miscellaneous items. I definitely need some kind of storage for shoes, since my husband and children likes to leave piles of shoes right in front of the doorway.

 Acckkkk!! I need paint!

I would love to do groups of our initials on this wall that goes downstairs.

So at a loss of creativity for this foyer right now. Here’s some ideas I came across and really liked on Google and Pinterest.

Loving this grey/blue color and the pops of browns, blacks, and whites against it. Love the photographs as well. However, my Living room upstairs which you can see from the foyer will be done in reds, yellows, creams, browns, greens, and neutrals with hints of black and brown. I think this shade of blue would look out of place but the picture grouping and color combinations are beautiful.


Now here is a foyer almost identical to mine. I love the pops of yellow on the doors against  the light grey walls but I’d like to see it with more decorations but it’s simply modern and I’m sorta digging it.


Love this half  table for a small foyer or entryway.  I think I could do this and not take up to much space.


Here is the family initial wall I’d love to do! I’m leaning towards this I think for the wall that travels downstairs.


Okay…Here’s the last one. I love the idea of a beautifully colored wall full of empty frames.


Well there’s my dilemma of the moment. Leave your comments below, I’d love to hear your ideas and get some creative juices flowing.

Until Next Time….
Peace and Love Always,