A Weathered Hand Me Down

Well, we have one week before we move and most of my stuff is packed. I’m trying hard not to bring anything else home to re purpose before we move and I’m not a t.v. watcher during the day so I get bored. I decided to start on my daughters bedroom set that I’ve been wanting to paint for years. It was actually my set when I was a  kid and then handed down to my sister, my oldest daughter, my niece, and now back to my youngest daughter. My mom and dad got it at an auction. It’s a 3 piece set. I decided to tackle the smallest piece in the set which is a small little side table. This project was not easy. I had my work cut out for me and I can only imagine what the two larger pieces are going to entail. LOL. I may just come up with a new plan for those. Anyway….I decided to strip the paint because there were about 4 layers plus a sealer on this little sucker. Let me just tell you how much I DESPISE stripping paint, but I was in the mood and this piece was small with not a lot of nooks and crannies so….Pshhhhh…I got this! That was an understatement! I soon found out that it was particle board and the more paint I was stripping the more I was digging in to that mess like a little termite. My plan was out the door and I improvised on the mess I had started. I decided it was going to have to go in the direction of a very weathered look. As I painted it, I was just so annoyed with myself and questioning whether I was going to be able to pull this off without it looking bad. However…As I got to the details (my favorite part) I started to love it. It came out so beautifully. It looks what I like to call “well traveled”. Here’s what I did…..

Sneak Peak…

The Before…She needed some love clearly

The Process…
1. Citristrip paint remover.
2. Scraper and sandpaper
4.Painted the base with 2 coats of Glidden in Spicy Banana Pepper Yellow/flat
5. Painted the drawers in Valspar, Woodlawn Valley Haze/Satin
6. I then went over the drawers after painting them the Woodlawn Valley Haze with Minwax Water based stain in Green Tea to add more of a greener tone
7. I then hand a sanding party. Literally. LOL
8. After all was said in done I took Minwax water based stain in coffee and rubbed it in over the entire side table to add that antiqued look.
The After…

It definitely has a weathered look but I love it and it will look so cute in my daughters vintage inspired room! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
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A Boring Side Table Gone Quirky!

Hi guys! It’s a windy hot mess outside today here where I reside in prairie land. The kids are out of school, my entire house is pretty much packed up for a move on July 1st. We bought our first home as a little family. I’m so excited and have so many plans and of course I’m going to blog about every single one of them. LOL. However, that’s for another time. Today I was bored. I’m not one to sit in front of the television in the middle of the day to keep myself entertained. I have to always be doing something. Whether it be cleaning, creating, organizing or simply reading a good magazine outside with a cup of iced tea. My mom got this side table for free with a bunch of other things at an auction so last weekend I was over at her house trying to find something to get my hands on. I picked this little gem out. My husband about had a heart attack because we are in the middle of boxes, packing, and well an organized-disorganized mess and here I am bringing home more furniture for him to move. Oops….Anyway this baby was ugly. I got my inspiration from a few different photos I came across online while researching random house things. I’ve always loved reds and teals together or blues. I wanted to do something a little funky and quirky since that’s who I am. I’ve been keeping my projects a little low key when it comes to color but I had even bigger plans for this but kept it a classy quirky. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Sneak Peak…My inspiration Pictures, before, and after.

The Process…It was an ugly forest green on bottom and stained wood.

 I sprayed a primer first and then I painted it with Glidden-flat matte-in Candy Apple Red for the bottom half. I painted the top in Valspar-Satin-Lyndhurst Duchess Blue.

My Color Inspirations….

The After…
I then roughed up the paint and lightly brushed a minwax water based stain in (coffee) over the tops of the table and drawer to add an element of the aged look and to tone down the blue a bit. I’m so happy with the results.

I hope you all enjoyed this little piece and remember a touch of quirky somewhere in the house makes any  home a bit more fun.
Until Next Time….
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Upcycled Bread Box

Hey Guys! Check out this cute little Bread Box I found for 3 bucks and turned it in to a cute little shabby chic mail slot. I knew I’d never put my bread in there and with 2 kids and a husband I’m sure it’d never get put back. So, because I have always wanted a bread box it came to me one day it would be perfect to put our stacks of mail I leave laying in piles on the kitchen counter, though I have a place for them in the office they never seem to get placed there and my husband can finally find what he’s looking for. LOL. I’m so bad with keeping track of our mail. This is the perfect little mail slot. It’s functional and cute. Check out what I did for this easy little DIY.

Sneak Peak…


 After…I just gave it a few coats of white paint I had laying around. Roughed it up with sandpaper and then went over the exposed wood and some of the white with a Minwax Marker in Dark Walnut, rubbed it in, wrote the word “mail” first in the stain then went over it with black permanent marker, roughed it up a bit, added a knob I had laying around and………………. VOILA!!! I think it came out cute for using paint materials and knobs I had laying around. It was easy and it’s adorable. You could easily do anything with a bread box. If you see one snatch it up and DIY that baby.


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