Thrifted Dresser Turned Shabby Chic

Hey Guys! Well I recently bought a dresser at a Thrift Store for 25 bucks. I’ve been on the look out for one for my bedroom for quite awhile now. However, everything I find is junk. Last week I was on a hunt every single day for a side table because I have a special project intended for that but I kept lucking out. I came across this dresser with cute details, dovetailed drawers and all wood. In fact the employee was just putting it on the floor as I was browsing. I checked all the drawers, stood back and shook my head yes, and 2 minutes later he was loading it up. I was so excited. I new instantly what I wanted to do technique wise but the color combination was still not coming to me just yet. Until………….Ross of all places. I found this beautiful printed flower throw pillow and because my bedspread is yellow the pillows went well and I instantly had a vision. I headed down the block to Lowes and loaded up on my paints. This dresser was easy to do, it just consisted of a lot of sanding and painting but nothing like my previous projects of stripping paint which is….never going to happen again (LOL). My only obstacle I came across were my unruly dog children. I had decided on spray painting the knobs in a copper color so I took the knobs and paint outside to do it. It was late and I figured I would just leave them there to dry over night. I woke up excitedly to get them and the bag was in shreds blowing against the fence line and the knobs? Well the knobs were strewn across the yard. I found all of them but one. I went outside on 3 different occasion’s looking for my missing knob. I even took a shovel and moved dirt piles where my unruly dog children like to bury random items. I found no knob but I did find my angel Christmas ornament with a missing head and limbs. I had to walk away from that one and meditate the anger I had for my dogs out of my system which led me to Hobby Lobby where I spent 30 dollars on 8 knobs. I know, I know…………..On the brighter side of that one is that the dresser came out adorable. Check it out…

Sneak Peak…

I used a water based wood stain from MINIWAX in Green Tea for the drawers and for around the dresser I went with Pantone in the shade Nude with a Satin finish. It came out just how I imagined it.

The Before…

The Inspiration…

The Paint…

The Process…
 I did 2 coats of the nude paint and green tea stain. I only sanded the dresser down. I did not prime it because I wanted the grain of the wood to peak through.

                                               I think I’m in love with colored stain now.

The Finished Look….Loving the nude color with the green tea stain. Perfect for my bedroom color palette.

I hope you all enjoyed this dresser and maybe give you a look at what colored stain in a water base may look like on wood. Beautiful, if you ask me. I love the grain seeping through and the rustic look of it.
Stay tuned for this next piece….
Until Next Time….
Peace In Love Always and  may God Bless Oklahoma,


Well, I sold my first re purposed piece of furniture since starting the booth in April. It was so sad to see it gone because it was one of my favorite pieces and there was actually a cute little story behind it.
 When we decided to start this venture my sister and I went on the hunt for furniture finds. I found this small television cabinet, in had two drawers that were really cute and in perfect condition. It was a little pricey at 50 dollars from the Goodwill but to good looking to pass up. I bought it and the Goodwill employee loaded it in the back of the truck. After driving around for an hour we stopped at the local junk yard where an old man informed us we were missing a drawer and the lone ranger  was about to fall out. Ack!!!!!!!!! I was panicking because I spent 50 dollars on it mostly because they wood and drawers were in such great shape.  After retracing our steps we came across a shattered drawer in the middle of the street. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..Not my pretty and perfect drawer! It was bad and there was no hope in trying to piece it back together. So I improvised with baskets. I think it was meant to be when that little drawer fell out, because the baskets ended up looking so cute. Check it out…

Sneak Peak…I did paint the sides of those drawers where the baskets lay after noticing it would look better.


The After…Candy Apple Red coat in a matte finish….

I almost didn’t sell this piece but I already have to much furniture. I sure am proud though of how cute and one of kind it came out looking. My favorite part…the yellow antiqued owl door knobs of course.
Until Next Time….
Peace In Love Always,
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Beach Cottage Inspired side table

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all having a fantastic Tuesday. I thought I would share with you a project I have been working on over at if you don’t know my sister, mother and I have started our own business of repurposing and upcycling furniture and goodies of all kinds to sell in our flea market as well as custom work. We started a blog to document our journey and projects. So I thought I’d show you those pieces I’ve worked on here at every so often.

Today’s feature…Beach Cottage Table

I found this very ugly side table at the Goodwill. I saw that it was real wood, dovetailed, and in great condition so I picked it up for 20 bucks.

I new the exact color I wanted to paint it, the exact knobs, and the exact finish. The only thing I was unsure of was what to do with the stone. I thought because it was so beautiful and heavy and real that I’d see how it looked on top after I painted it. I went to Lowes and picked up some Valspar paint in the shade Woodlawn Valley Haze with a satin finish. Wow!!!! I’m in love with this color. It came out beautiful.

Look how beautiful the stone looks with the blue! I’m glad they worked so well together. I also love every color on the paint chip. I’m thinking ombre for my next project? 🙂

After my favorite part of the process which is the touches of a worn feel with sandpaper it turned out to be a beautiful piece. It reminds me of something you’d find in a little beach cottage. I’m loving it and so sad I have to sell it but I have no room. : (

The Details…




well hope you all enjoyed a piece I’ve worked on over at

Peace In Love Always,