Upcycled Telephone Desk

I finally tackled my thrifted telephone desk. When I say tackled I mean it in the way a football player tackles an apponent. Serious! Wow…This was a tough little piece. I bought it for just 20 bucks at the Goodwill and the paint job looked like it had just been done and it was a good paint job, however the pea green color had to go. I went back and forth with red or yellow and finally decided on a Spicy Banana Pepper Yellow in Glidden a Matte finish from Walmart. Now, I don’t know but I’ve bought Glidden before from Lowes and it seemed to be better quality than this batch I got from Walmart. Have any of you had problems with Walmart paint? It was the first time I’ve bought paint from Walmart so I don’t know,Maybe It was just me already annoyed at the massive project I started. LOL.
Anyway, I tried to sand the desk down but the paint was not budging and because as I was starting this one I had already started another and was using paint stripper so I thought…”heck, Why not,” I slabbe that stuff on only to find I had made a huge mistake. Why? Well the telephone desk has about 25 wooden spindles. The nook and crannies are out of this world and chipping away paint on those will send anyone in to a rage. Acccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk….So……….I let is sit for a few weeks because I was so upset and the amount of work it was going to take when all I really needed to do was use a few coats of primer. I don’t know what I was thinking. Anyway it’s been weighing on my mind to get it done so I got enough courage to tackle it again. I went to Home Depot stocked up on gloves, blades, sandpaper and tons of primer. After a few hours I was so annoyed that I just decided to clean it up the best I could and prime and paint it. The way the paint stripped it was hard to get a smooth surface and would have taken alot of time and energy that I just don’t have to put in to this one piece, so I just figured I’d rough up the paint, make it look vintage and call it good. I also decided to try out my chalk paint (IN LOVE) by the way, slapped that on the desk and primed it. It came out really cute, I was pleasantly impressed. You have to like the vintage and shabby style to appreciate it but I think it’s adorable and I love the quirky Banana Pepper Yellow. Check it out…………….

Sneak Peak…

 The Before, Before, Before…

The process…
After I put the stripping gel on…

 Few weeks later after I stripped it…

 O….M…..G……I painted it!

After I Shabby Chic’d it and gave it some charachter…

Well, I hope you enjoyed my Upcycled piece this week. Until Next time….

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Upcycled Vintage Beads

Hi Guys! Guess what? It’s snowing again! LOL! Ughh…I’m so ready for flowers, green grass, the sun, some warmth, and heck I’ll even take the bugs. Anything to get out of this cold, snowy, weather in the middle of spring so until that decides to show up I will share with you another DIY.
  I thought this Tuesday evening I’d share with you a gift I made for my mom. She had given me some vintage beads that were her mothers. She wanted me to make something beautiful with them. I can’t tell you how long I had them sitting in a ziplock baggy. I thought what better to make than a long pretty vintage necklace for my mother. I was inspired by Downton Abbey for the last 6 months. Something about that era is just so incredibly interesting so I pulled from that and came up with a beautiful piece she can keep for years and…it’s something that can be handed down with a meaning. Come….Check it out….

The assortment of beautiful topaz colored glass beads.

I spent hours trying to come up with a layout for these and what type of bead I wanted to incorporate with it. I made this pendant from the larger teardrop shaped beads…

After 8 hours…yes 8. I finished. This had to have been one of the hardest pieces I have made to this day, but it came out beautifully and I had enough to make a matching pair of earrings. She loved it.

I hope this inspires you to take something old you have or handed down that’s just laying around in that “keepsake box” you know, we all have one and create something beautiful and useable.
Peace In Love Always….

Burlap furniture

Well today is a Blizzardy mess. It’s snowing like a mad woman here in the Wild West and… in April. I know right? Unbelievable. It’s suppose to be bad til mid week. Kept the kids home even though the schools were open. I mean come on? Really? Anyway I worked on a little project over the weekend that I’d like to share. All it took was some Burlap, a piece of furniture, and modge podge and I had myself a cute television stand. Check it out……………

                                                                  Sneak Peak…


The Before….
The Steps…
1. clean off piece
2. Modge Podge
3. Brush a layer of modgpode on the furniture where you’d like to lay the burlap
4. Cut the burlap, doesn’t have to perfect just long enough to cover where you want it to go and lay it on the part of the furniture you just placed the glue.
5. smooth it out and brush lots of modgepodge on top, even it out and don’t leave actual globs. After I put it on with a brush I use my hands and smooth out the lumps and bumps with my fingers to give it a smooth feel.
6. Let it dry for about 20-30 minutes and then repeat steps above til you feel it’s going to be enough to keep it in place. FYI…It will look white for a few hours until it dries. After it dries it will harden and look fabulous. ; )
7. You can put a sealer on if you’d like but Modge Podge is also used as a sealer but that’s totally up to you. I didn’t.
8. There are different types of ModgePodge…From Gloss to matte to semi gloss depending on the look you are going for you can buy what applies to you and your project.
9.When you are done modgepoding to your liking and it has dried you can use an exacto knife and cut the excess edges off. I did sand my edges after cutting them just to make it a bit smoother. Just a reminder…burlap does fringe around the edges, but I like the rustic look of it.
The Process…
Does Not look like much here…But after I got it all trimmed up I didn’t like the gloss on the t.v. stand. I had to ruff it up to make it coincide with the rustic look of the Burlap and it turned out PERFECT.
Here is what the burlap after the Modgepodge has dried looks like..

I used a wine print. There are many different printed burlaps out there. It’s hard to choose, but I liked the look of this one and it has a bit of yellow prints in it, though you can’t tell in the pictures.

Here is how I ended up styling it in my living room so far. It always changes. LOL

I did add new knobs. You can get the most adorable selection of knobs in every color, shape, and style at Hobby Lobby for a few bucks a piece and they are always 50% off. So if you are looking for funky or vintage inspired knobs check Hobby Lobby out.
This was a pretty easy project and if you are looking to add a little quirk or design to an old drab piece of furniture this is  simple and fun.
Peace N Love Always,
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