Brainstorming Furniture

I have a head full of ideas and want to attack them right away but then I realized that we are in the middle of packing and moving and sanding and painting a dresser and side table would probably not be the best idea as of right now. So in April sometime expect some awesome before and afters from pieces of random furniture I have aquired the last few years from random places. I’ve got my idea book out ready to sketch and ready to get this party started………….in April. LOL.

Check out these hot messes and the ideas I have for them…then check back in a few months to see what I’ve done.

Lets start with this ugly side table I found in the current house we are renting. It was stuck underneath the stairs in a closet, I figured the owners left it and want nothing to do with it and I sure could do something with it. Ugly I know right???

Here is somewhat of an idea of what I’m wanting to do which is basically painting it white and sanding over the high points for a vintage feel. Which was not done on this one but you get the idea.

Here is a television stand we’ve had just hanging around in storage and now that we are planning on putting a t.v. in the living room of our new place because we decided we like to have peace n quiet in our bedroom so I figure why not use this ugly thing but it definetly needs a makeover.
Warning……………..It’s one HOT MESS. LOL

told you. Bahahhaaa…
I have this door I got from a flea Market in Fort Collins Colorado that inspired me for the following look for this t.v. stand.

An idea I got from a blogger who had this picture of a piece of furniture she redid. I love the look of the paint and the knobs make it pop. Love it.

Here’s Bell’s Dresser we purchaced for 30 bucks at the same flea market.

Love these ideas but of course tweaking them a bit to fit Bell’s personality. All these photos have been copied from google search and DIY blogs great sources for inspiration.

The biggest tackle of them all the Kitchen table…this is a hand me down from my mom and dad. I grew up with this set. A few summers ago my mom came over and redid the seats fabric because they were this country barn red and plaid, cute if your into that but I was not. LOL. Anyway the top of the table is that soft wood so it’s hard to keep clean, it gets punctured alot which is okay because I like little imperfections and tweaking old and new stuff it makes it original and alot less like you purchased it among millions of others at Pottery Barn or Ikea. I usually have a table cloth over the top because it’s got paint on it and is in need for some TLC along with the chairs. Such great bones for an original piece. Here are a few ideas but I’m sure they will change by the time I tackle this one.


Or another option I have for a kitchen table is this 1950’s piece my sister and I picked up at a little antique shop in Buffalo Wyoming 7 years ago when we moved into our first apartment together. I don’t have the chairs for it and this is not the table but a similar yellow one because mine is downstairs with boxes stacked on top so I improvised with a similar one online. This might be totally cool with miss matched chairs. Hmmmmmmmmmm???

OMG…Here are some cute kitchens I found while looking for my yellow table online. Just had to share.

Why I’m brainstorming now and not actually DOING….This is the mess I’m living in. And this is only part of it. LOL.

Til next time,
Peace N Luv Always,