What happens when you become a stay at home mom….

Since quitting my job at the school as a special ed aide and moving to the southern tip of Wyoming and lets not forget popping out a child and becoming a stay at home mommy my days are filled with this….

1. I wake up every morning with a size 10 toddler sized foot in my abdomen, a cat walking across my forehead and two dogs gazing longly at me from my bedside.
2. I wake up and go pee with a full fledged ready to go army staring at me from Inside my bathroom quarters.
3. I throw of the dolls, the books, the remotes, the magazines from my bed and make the damn thing because if my bed is not made I am not ready to take on the day.
4. I make 4 waffles (toaster) don’t judge, a cup of milk for Bell and a cup of o.j. for Blondie in their special cups, I then feed the dogs and the cat.
5. I clean, clean, clean because I like to get my shit done early.
6. Warm up the car, comb my hair in case anyone sees me from their vehicles and actually cares what I look like. put on my uggs and take Bell to school.
7. Make a pot of coffee, surf the net for a bit, drink the entire pot of coffee.
8. Find something else that needs to be cleaned or washed because god forbid the house is dirty, I became a little bit of a neat freak since Ambrielle.
9. run on the treadmill for 30-hour.
10. Go shopping even if it’s for more earplugs.
11. Talk crap with my sister for a few hours.
12. Curse outloud to myself in the car where nobody can hurt me when I’m making fun of the overachieving parents that let their presence be known or the parents who drive oversized SUV’s and have no idea how to park them, or the parents who don’t give a rats ass they are parked in the pick up and drop off zone because they are to damn lazy to park in the parking lot 10 more feet away. or………well lets just stop there.
13. Make another pot of coffee and drink that while listening to Bella’s stories about the weird kids at school.
14. Attempt at making a gourmet meal and end up with burnt grilled cheeses. So what.
15. While eating our burnt grilled cheeses politely telling my husband to please close the dresser drawers and throw away empty boxes instead of putting empty box back in cupboard or fridge. Now wait for it……………..Repeat, wait for it……..Repeat, and Repeat. LOL
16. Watch Gossip Girl like I’m 16 or something??? Geez. If I’m really feeling a bit trashy I’ll watch some Shameless on Showtime. LOL.
17. Take random bites from the chocolate cake with a pound of chocolate frosting because in my mind taking bites randomly is some how less fattening and less guilty than eating an entire piece of cake in one sitting???? Really Kimberly? Come on.
18. Put earplugs in to keep out my husbands LOUD snoring.
19. Read or play random games of Scramble and Words with friends and wondering how the hell I’m losing until I fall asleep.

and I wouldn’t change it for the world……..

Peace N luv Always,