Monday, July 21, 2014

Fence art using a repurposed table

We have a bank slate in our yard that has not been touched by any color other than green and wood grains. As I was feeling inspired today I found this old table in my shed that I looked at for a few minutes trying to figure out what I could do with it and I instantly saw 2 curvy vases from the legs. I took it apart, painted them a bright red, nailed them to my blank slate and free handed 2 large, bright, and cheerful sunflowers. I'm in love with the way it turned out and so happy I was able to repurpose this table bottom I was about to toss in the garbage.



I used an old cheap table bottom that I had laying around, took it apart and painted the legs red to create a vase for my painted sunflowers.

I used both acrylic and craft paint watered down to create the sunflower. I  let the grain of the wood guide my paint and brush.

                      " What I love about my home is...It's a tremendous blank canvas to fill." Unknown
                                                                     Peace And Love...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Bohemian inspired mural for a little girls room

My youngest daughters room was lacking in some personality. I didn't want to paint all the walls and trim because we are remodeling the basement and I didn't want to start another mess, so instead I decided I would paint a little wall mural above her bed. I wanted it to have a Fancy Nancy vibe with a bohemian twist because my little blondie is my free spirit and I wanted to create something special for her. I love the illustrations of Fancy Nancy books, the vibrant colors outlined in black. I wanted something that wasn't serious. I wanted fun, vibrant, quirky, and child like.

Her room is far from done but for now I think this adds a little bit of her personality to her room. She's my free spirited and nature enthusiast child, so I wanted to incorporate that in a way she can appreciate and smile at whenever she's in her room.
                                                                     Peace And Love Always...

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Hometalk Clipboard: Rock Art Ideas For Your Garden.

 I was so excited when Hometalk contacted me to put together a clipboard on rock garden projects for their newsletter.  I spend a lot of time on Hometalk it's one of my favorite home and garden websites and if you like Pinterest you'll definitely love Hometalk. You can interact with people, share your projects, look for projects and design ideas, ask for advice on your home and garden, and meet some very creative people. It's a great way to get inspired.
 As I looked for rock projects in the garden I was amazed at the talent out there and was even inspired by a few to try in my own garden. I love spending time in my yard making it beautiful and a little quirky when the weather is warm and after finding such fun and beautiful projects I hope that they inspire you to add some color, think outside the box, paint a rock or two or three : ), and just have fun. These projects all made me smile with delight.

You can click Rock Art Ideas to get a closer look at all the awesome inspiration on my board and please follow while you're there so we can share and chat about our homes and gardens!

                                                              Peace And Love Always...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Unconventional Art in The Garden

It was a gorgeous summer day and I was suppose to be doing laundry, however I decided It could wait...Being creative was way more important! I found this chair sitting among the flowers and vines when we bought this house, I could not understand why anyone would place this chair in such an odd spot and not to mention it wasn't very appealing. We started using it as a place to sit on our back patio since we were low on chairs but last weekend we bought a beautiful patio set and this chair was no longer needed. I decided I would give it a makeover and place it back into our yard but I wanted it to be a unique piece of art that was pretty to look at.

Sneak Peak...

The Before...

                           I cleaned it off and sprayed it with Rust-Oleum in sun yellow paint.

                   The After... Painted with acrylics and sprayed with a sealant to protect it.

A closer look..."The Earth Laughs In Flowers" E.E. Cummings...I figure you can never go wrong with art and beautiful words. 

I love abstract art and all the beautiful vibrant colors. Impressionism is one of my favorite art movements.

I've always loved painting flowers and birds. I can remember my first art award in 5th grade was of a peacock and from there I had many birds, flowers, butterflies and gardens in school art shows. I love the colors and textures that they bring, it's quite amazing.


This was a really fun project. I was able to work outside with my music and thoughts. I'm pleased with the way it turned out. It's so great to use something you already have in a unconventional way.

I leave you with my inspiration for wanting to paint today. I saw this beautiful butterfly while watering my flowers this morning. I haven't seen a butterfly in years and none this large. I couldn't believe how close it allowed me to get to snap these shots.
P.S. Excuse my abundance of shots, I just love pictures and have a hard time picking and choosing.

                                                                      Peace In Love...